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Godfathers Pizza

Gourmet90 Horne Street, Sunbury

Excellent pizza. They make Hawaiian Pizza just like Cloggs do in Bendigo - stringy ham with golden brown melted cheese on top and fresh pineapple. They really are the best pizza in Sunbury !A Google User

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Best pizza I have ever had. I wouldn't go anywhere else in Sunbury.Chelsea Wright

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They make d best pizzas in townJaydee Hundal

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Mystic Pizza

Gourmet73 Evans Street, Sunbury

The pizzas are wonderful. Friendly happy people with GREAT reasonably priced food. Evelyn Pickering

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Went there for the first time today. We were served quick, the food was perfect and the staff were friendly. It was a perfect place to stop by on the way back home from Melbourne.Kyle Geri

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Have been here a few times normally they're ok a bit expensive but last night I ordered a delivery pizza and today I've been on the toilet all day I'll never go backJustin Baskharon

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These guys offer great breakfast every morning. My favourite is Eggs Benedict with double coffee. It is great place with great staff.William McCoy

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Vics food & wine

Gourmet69 O'shanassy Street, Sunbury

Visited for the first time earlier tonight, wonderful friendly and personal service, great menu and to steal a line 'the food was to die for'. We will be back!David Falzon

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I visited this restaurant the day before Mother's Day (10/05/2014) and was extremely impressed by the whole experience I had here. As it was the day before Mother's Day, it was very busy with a whole bunch of families. I cannot begin to describe the amazing service at this restaurant; the girls who took our order were incredibly nice and lovely to talk to. Even with the amount of people packed in there, they kept a friendly smile on their face which was nice to see. The menu that Vic's offers is great; it has a wide variety of food to please anyone. For the food you get, which was incredibly tasty and well cooked, was something you would expect from a 5 star restaurant. The food was brilliant and the prices were even better considering the quality and quantity of each meal. Despite the amount of people in the restaurant, we weren't waiting very long at all which was great! Since it was a bit drizzly outside, most of the customers were seated indoors. Luckily for us, the inside of Vic's is amazing! It is very spacious and comfortable, and can seat plenty more than any other restaurant of its kind. There is also a nice little fireplace installed inside which adds to the modern look of the restaurant, as well as couches and coffee tables for those who just want to sit back and enjoy a nice drink. There is not a single thing I can fault about this place, except maybe the amount of noise inside. Although, this is something that the staff or anyone else can't help as it was the day before Mother's Day which meant it was going to be very busy and there was bound to be a lot of conversation! The 5 star performance of this restaurant was enough to account for the noise anyway! Despite the amount of people wanting to book a table, and all the busy families coming in and out, the staff kept a calm and relaxed attitude. Absolutely amazing service! The waitresses coped extremely well considering the load of people who had ordered food/beverages. I would like to personally thank one of the girls who served my family and I. She helped us decide what was the best item for us on the menu, which is something not many waitresses at a restaurant would do. If I could rate Vic's more than 5 stars I simply would. The outstanding service and quality of food served at this clean and well maintained restaurant is anything that you would expect from a 5-star establishment. I have never written a review for a restaurant as positive as this one, but considering the amount of hungry customers that the staff had to deal with I cannot score this restaurant any lower than 5 stars. Very highly recommended to anyone who wants to eat out at a fancy, yet very affordable restaurant. The selection of items on the menu is spectacular and will suit any person with any desire! Again, I would like to thank each and every staff member who served me and other customers on the day. We couldn't help but leave a little tip as we left, just as a thank you to the hard working staff who worked extremely well that day. I will be making sure to pop in whenever I am up at Sunbury because the experience I had here was like nothing I have ever had before! There simply needs to be more restaurants out there that are as a good as this one! Words can't describe the experience I had here, it was the best I have ever had at a restaurant. A very well done to this restaurant and to all the staff who worked incredible. I will make sure to recommend Vic's to anyone who wants a nice place to get high quality food at great prices, as well as amazing service from lovely staff. :)Jarryd Smith

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I live locally and this is the best restaurant in Sunbury. Food is always fresh and delicious and always a great variety of choice and 'specials'. Have never had a bad meal or reason to complain. Service excellent.Jenny Morley

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Good food, friendly staff, good selection on the menu. Would definitely recommend!Ben Haas

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