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Townsville Railway Station Road Entry



Cafe Nova

Gourmet2 Blackwood St, Townsville City

Cafe Nova is the best place to eat in Townsville. It is great. The Menu has character and simple. Desserts are the best. Staff are friendly and speed is quick. Love this place. Glad it hasn't changed.A Google User

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Fantastic food at great prices !!A Google User

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Love the great quality of food and beverages!A Google User

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I had lunch at Cafe Nova with my Italian family and I can confirm that the food is great. Particular praise goes to the focaccias and the soup. I had a mediterranean salad and was very good with plenty of herbs and feta cheese. The service is fast and nice. Overall score is positive and I personally recommend this cafe to everyone who wants to have a yummy and healthy mealPaolo Cornalba

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Newmarket Steakhouse Townsville

Gourmet499 Flinders Street, Townsville City

((TLDR)) Had a horrible experience the first time ending with my friend getting cussed at by a staff memeber. My friend wrote in a complaint, we got a reply that the unprofessional and rude staff member was fired and we got invited back for a free dinner. Second visit was like visiting a different restaurant great service and they handed the situation perfectly. Very happy, will be going back! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My first experience of this place was terrible and the original review is below, I'm keeping it on here because the way it was handled after was amazingly professional and I couldn't have asked for more! My friend sent in a complaint after our visit they replied that the staff member that had acting so poorly no longer had a job at their establishment. We were also invited back along with a $40 gift voucher. The second visit was like we had been to two different restaurants. The mood was welcoming and comfortable. The staff were friendly, attentive and professional asking if we would like to order drinks. The chef suggested we try the garlic pawns, this was before they realized who we were ( the voucher gave us away) We settled on a chicken parmy and the beer battered fish. Both meals were great very tasty, well presented and the meals are big portions so well worth what you pay. Our meals were brought out by the chef who was friendly, fun and a bit punny. On top of the voucher they gave us 4 drinks and an garlic pawn entree on the house. The garlic prawns were delicious and worth the suggestion at the start of the dinner. We were apologised to by the staff, the new chef and the owner even come out to explain how the matter had been corrected on their end (firing the chef who had colourful words with my friend) We could not have been more impressed with the way the situation was handled and it was a fantastic experience I will be going back! ***Original review**** [My friend and I went to lunch at the sports bar. Before even we ordered a chef (who was sitting at the bar) had a small altercation with the bar staff. In hindsight we should have walked out at the unprofessional behavior, but we were hungry and pressed on. The bar woman was pleasant but when our meals come out we were both shocked to find my friend's parmy was pink and raw inside. She brought this to the staffs attention who were outside having a smoke break, only to be told by the chef "I can assure you it's cooked, it's just a thigh it's cooked". He never even bothered to look at the plate. Thankfully we were refunded but told the parting words by the chef "If you don't like it you can f**k off"]Rita Beckett Neale

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Bes steaks in townsville. fillet mignon is excellent as is rib fillet.A Google User

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Absolutely disgusting. Would not recommend this place to anyone. Took them over 45 mins to make a sandwich (although it could have been longer since we left)... add to this other people ordered meals after us and got their meals before us. Waitress was uncaring and unhelpful and basically they made no effort to apologise or communicate if there was a problem. Avoid unless you have a spare 5 hours to waste while waiting for your meal.A Google User

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