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Emperor's Delight Chinese Restaurant

Gourmet12 Station Street, Pakenham

As a waitress here for a couple of years I have always loved the food and the friendliness of the chef's and wait staff :) I order food here when I am not working and always bring some home for my family. In the kitchen they use the freshest ingredients and cut the veggies daily. Please come and try, I recommend the 'san chow bow' for an entrée, fresh and tasty :)Bethany Cust

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Food was really nice, good friendly service. Would definitely recommend. Brendan mmDrozario

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The chicken was not a delight. I asked if it was free of fat, skin, gristle, etc. I was told it was, being chicken breast. Nothing was further from the truth. I won't be back.David Hartley

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St Antony Medical Centre

Hospital2-6 Princes Highway, Pakenham

Amazing medical Centre! All the doctors are well knowledgeable and professional and the staff are friendly and helpful. I recommend going here to anyone!Bavly Nasralla

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Dr Nasralla is a great family doctor, extremely thorough and takes an interest in your health. He has been great for our entire family for the last 2 years. As with any doctors there is a wait to see the doctor expect at least 30minutes waitDaniel Bush

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Go and see Dr. Amal Gergis.. She looks after my partner and I shes great. The others rushed me out the door as quick as they could with a pointless script.His EmineNce

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butchers! absolute discrace to my son in for a cut to his head they tryed to glue and made an absolute mess of it exteamly stressed him out and he had to be admited to hospital to rectify try the damage caused by the inept doctor at this clinicsteve doughty

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Taco Bill Mexican Restaurant

Gourmet53 Princes Highway, Pakenham

This wonderful restaurant of Taco Bills at Pakenham provides fantastic customer service, a great atmosphere that has a Mexican feel to it and also has such delicious tradition food! The employees whom work at Taco Bills Pakenham are very friendly and approachable. Loved everything about the restaurant and i will happily continue to go there for dinner :)Grace Santoro

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This place is marvellous. The service is great, the atmosphere really brings you into a sense of Mexico, the food is traditional Mexican which tastes amazing and the employees/owners are wonderful. The wait on food isn't extreme, I have been in on extremely busy nights and food has taken at the maximum, 40 minutes. On quieter nights you get a maximum wait of 20 minutes. Despite many bad reviews on this family restaurant, I don't personally know anyone who hasn't had a great experience here. They cater for large and small bookings and they do it wonderfully. Their margaritas are a must on the list and their half price nights are even better. Here's my overall rating: Food: 8/10 Service: 9/10 Staff: 10/10 Atmosphere: 9/10 Cleanliness: 8/10 Value: 9/10 Taco Bill in Pakenham is a must on the list and I 100% recommend it.UniqueMakeupArtist

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Terrible service. They took my license as a 'bond' for a fishbowl. When I went to collect it at the end of the night they had given it out to somebody else, and simply said to me "Well, we don't have it, just go to Vicroads and get a new one." The complete lack of customer service on top of the incompetency and lack of responsibility when dealing with a person's identification card left me furious. What's worse is that it wasn't the first time it had happened to me. The only other time I had been there they handed me somebody else's license without even asking my name. Luckily I noticed and was able to swap it for my correct ID. Brad, the manager at the time, showed no remorse. He didn't even apologise to me, and then insisted we pay the full bill or he would call the police on us. Charming. Go here at your own risk, and NEVER hand your ID to them.Kate Halk

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Stay away from this place! Went here for a special occasion dinner and was treated very poorly. We waited one hour for an appetizer and it came out with our meals, I sent it back and explained to them what n appetizer was and when it needed to come out. Since we weren't ordering alcohol, we waited 40 mins for a glass of water. I watched the manager pour just over 1/2 of a jigger of alcohol in an entire pitcher of frozen Margarita, premium price for lolly water! There were dirty tables everywhere that still had not been bussed before we were finished. When I went to the front to see where our meals were after 75 minutes, the cook was just wondering around the kitchen like he had no idea. The manager was too preoccupied with his alcohol sales to bother with customer service. Our meals were not edible, the cheese was burned and the tortillas cooked and fused to the plates. The Taco Shells were stale as well. When I complained to the waitress, she started crying! I asked her to send out her manager and he wouldn't come over or even look at us! I wouldn't advise eating here at all, nor would I ever recommend it to anyone. I do fully intend to launch a complaint with their head office.Danny Young

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