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Berwick Railway Station



Renaissance Skin Care

Hospital2a/8 Gibb Street, Berwick

Kas Hollingsworth is the real deal. Hands down, one of the best I ever had the pleasure to meet. She did such a great job on my crows feet and lines in my forehead. Spent so much money going to other practices in the past few years without results. Don't waste your time and money with unprofessionals. Thank you Mr Tim Brown and especially you Kas for restoring my confidence againAli Cee

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I will NEVER go anywhere else!. I am fairly new to Melbourne living in Sydney for many years and was recommended to see Kas by a friend. I have never had such great results with Botox previously – but I think her technique or dilution must be better, and I just tried a little Perlane for the first time- I love it. Kas Hollingsworth is a consummate professional with the knowledge and skills to back up her outstanding judgments- its not over done. She is gentle and takes her time both before and after any procedure to be sure that her clients are comfortable and all questions are answered. Kas’s follow up and genuine interest in clients is certainly appreciated - this kind of service is hard to find here in Melbourne I could not be happier! I’m happy to take the drive to Berwick to her rooms. Janine Tripp

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Great location, fantastic reception made me feel welcome and very comfortable. Great service, best treatment I’ve had in the whole 2 years I’ve been having it, happy (and smooth), face!! Will definitely be back for more!! Such a lovely environment! Both Kas and Mr. Brown were incredibly nice and willing to take the time to talk through the procedure before having the injections. I did not feel like they were pushing me to do more than I was comfortable doing. This medical clinic are friendly and down to earth. They made me feel at ease as I was feeling a very nervous! They are both approachable and I feel comfortable with them. Thank you Kas for your time! Larry Garry

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I was worried about having botox, yet when I finally made that call after doing my homework, I was put at ease. Kas works with a plastic surgeon - Mr Tim Brown, and they were both really nice and down to earth. She is a 'less is more' injector, and i really liked that. But, she is busy. I had to wait 2 weeks to see her, but i can assure you, it was worth it. I know you will want treatment straight away, but wait for an appointment to see her - its worth it. Tess McMahon

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Berwick Thai Restaurant

Gourmet32 High Street, Berwick

Absolutely the best in Thai food that I have eaten anywhere around Victoria thus far and I have been to well over 30 individual Thai restaurants. Even if it is a take away order, I eat here at least once per week. Keep up the fine food.Citywide Investigations

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Have been to this restaurant quite a few times the food and service is outstanding if you want it more or less spicy just tell them great value for money and nice size serves love the prawns.David Westmore

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We usually order take-out , and have eaten in twice , the food is always excellent, arrives hot, and we have enough to take home because the portions are so big. Like any other restaurant , they are busy on popular days , and exceptionally so on the weekends. If you want a table on a Friday or Saturday then you should call ahead and reserve a table to be sure. One of my favourite places to get Thai food. Stephanie Gaddin

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Food is a bit too sweet and not spicy enough for my liking. If that's not a problem for you give them a go.David Papp

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Gourmet55 High Street, Berwick

Always loved Shanika's - easily the best steak I've had in Melbourne. Excellent service and event the take-away is amazing.Jay McCormack

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This place is the best restaurant in Casey by far,food is to die for and the service is brilliant!! Its not cheap but its worth every penny!! I had the Viale Speciale which is Eye-fillet strips and black tiger prawns tossed in garlic and pesto infused olive oil with onion, mushrooms, olives, roasted capsicum, sun-dried tomato, oregano and pesto finished with a splash of tomato and served with home made linguine… and my partner had the Crispy Skinned Salmon which consists of Salmon fillet served with capsicum, rocket and Parmesan salad, with Spanish onion, finished with a tomato, olive and basil salsa…and we both loved it. We also had the Arancine Balls which is Pork, peas and gorgonzola rice balls for starters and they are the bomb. You have to put this place on your to do list, you wont be dissapointed. One last thing try the Vanilla Bean Brulee its wicked!!!!Rob B

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Totally crowded, I felt like I was on a cheap air flight with nice enough staff but little in the way of room. I could see where they were trying to go with the style, but I was annoyed by the fact that they covered every table in paper to protect the cloth, what are we paying for? A bit more than the average food I hope, it was nice, but I've had better at lower prices (the prices are insane). On the positive, the waiting times were not to bad, and the staff were helpful. But I wouldn't go again. Harry Millward

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My friend and I always got the lunch special. When they started raising their prices, their quality went straight down. Pasta was extremely overcooked- uneatable! A lot of cream and oil in their pasta. The customer service is unfriendly and not helpful. Overtime we tried to order, they was always some excuse- kitchens closed, we are not serving lunch today, etc. We were always forced to go some place else. Shanikas Berwick quality has sadly gone down :-( My friend and I are happy to drive 15mins out of our way to Shanikas Pakenham.Luisa Rivero

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