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Southbank Tram Depot/Light Rail



South Melbourne Market

Gourmet322-326 Coventry Street, South Melbourne

Cheap and fresh seafood! Yummy, eating beside the store table just bring out the taste of seafood. Aldo Gan

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Much cozier feel than the QVM. Staff are helpful and the products and food items are good quality. The bakeries are really nice. Would come here often if a local.David Goodo

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Hands down, my favorite market. If you are looking for a local market without all of the cheesy touristy gifts and vendors then this is the market for you. While the Victoria Market is a sight to see, we prefer to venture to the South Melbourne Market for its quaint atmosphere and fresh produce. Rachel Kern

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I absolutely love these markets, its a great day out! I recently had family visiting Melbourne so i took them down & had a great day. Have to make a big mention to the South Melbourne dim sims. Im a massive fan of dim sims and heard these were the best in Melbourne, i was very skeptical at first but they definitely are the best dim sims in Melbourne. The donuts are delicious to! The market is pretty small but plenty of space even when it gets really busy. I buy all my vegetables at the south Melbourne market, they are of great quality and decently priced. There are always great little offers on. I love queen street market to but find it a lot more convenient to just go to south Melbourne, especially when you know what you want its quick and easy to be in and out! Queens street market is more of a full day jobby.Jessica Friend

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Bohemian Bar & Restaurant

Gourmet35 Dukes Walk, South Wharf

Great food and atmosphere. Can't go past good tapas and sangria.Joel Diepenhorst

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I took my partner here for her birthday, not having heard anything about the place. It did not disappoint. The food was amazing & very generous portions for the tapas items. Staff were friendly & explained all the parts of the dish. Will definitely go again.Scott Harvey

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Did someone say a lazy afternoon or Tapas, jugs of Sangria and live music? We were very close to the music but not at all intrusive, lovely way to spend Sunday afternoon. The Tapas were delicious, croquettes and corn were the hit. I didn't love the Chorizo as it seemed to be very mushy and not the consistency I like with a Spanish sausage. We ordered 4 tapas and they all came out at once, so if you want the meals to stagger, perhaps mention this to the staff. One of the wait staff seemed very rushed but I wouldn't let this prevent me from going back. Lisa Casey

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Have just returned from a very unhappy finish to a meal at the Bohemian where our group booking was handled VERY poorly by Chris the maitre'd. A booking for 30 was made for a work farewell lunch and only 13 turned up. This was bad planning by us and the restaurant had every reason to feel aggrieved by this - and mentioned they were unhappy. Fair enough. Half a group booking missing is very poor - this is why restaurants rightly charge a deposit. However they waited until the END of the meal - when due to very slow service there were only 7 people left - to casually drop a bill for 20 people instead of 13, with Chris saying casually "we were nice enough not to charge you for 30 people". No mention or requirement of a deposit at booking and no mention at the start of the meal that we would need to be charged extra - had this been communicated properly we could have easily found the cash and shamed the workmates who bailed! Understand their predicament but to wait until 7 people were left and sting them for an extra $200 was unprofessional in the extreme. Also found it pretty disingenuous that the maitre d argue about having to prepare extra food when the majority of dishes were tapas - cold meats, bread, salad, a frittata, some chorizo and a small paella. Strongly recommend you don't bother.Valerio Veo

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Immigration Museum

Museum400 Flinders Street, Melbourne

Fascinating exhibition - should be compulsory viewing for all high school students, to help them understand the racist history which underlies much of modern Australian politics. Seamus Ryan

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I just migrated myself to Australia - did expect more! It seems to be more a political statement than a museum.Ralp Horlach

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