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Stella Pizza

Gourmet56 Pier Street, Altona

Great spot! Footpath eating with a tiny view of the beach is great also. I enjoy their pizza (Stellla Special) and the salad. Suits me fine. It's a locals venue. The way I like it.A Google User

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Julia Gillards favourite pizza. It's not bad but I've had better.. Not a huge fan of woodfire pizza really.A Google User

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Not Stellar Stella any more. We were SOOO disappointed and I have done nothing but rave about this place. It must have been taken over or something, but the "extra" sauces we got (and paid for) did not exist, the SAME sauce was used for all three different sauces, ie: mushroom, pepper and seafood sauce ALL had the same base with just peppercorns or mushies or seafood thrown in, and although all three steaks were meant to be med rare one was very bloody (and about a centimetre thicker than the other). This was our last chance for Stella. The time before, we went on a Monday and they had NO steak for lunch!!! Pathetic now, won't go back, nor will the 20 people I have discussed same with since our last visit. What a bloody shame, it used to be so good. I hear the pizzas may still be okay.jennifer simmonds

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Numero Uno Pizza & Pasta

Gourmet20 Pier Street, Altona

Moved to the area recently and have had 3 sit down meals at this place already. The food is fantastic, VERY reasonably priced. Good quality products in their pasta. Great Pizzas which have a thick crust and are stacked with topping. The staff have always been friendly and quick to help you out even when the place is full and you can see they are run off their feet. Only downfall I have found is they use the very small prawns on their pizzas (personal preference really) Suggestion: Go there give it a try for yourself.Nathan Wilkinson

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Don't eat anywhere else. This is the primo. Veal scallopine is unbelievable with chips and vegetables. Pizza is plump and well stacked. Prices and service exceptional. People who run the place are welcoming and friendly :-)daniel kuiper

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Bought a living social coupon for this place back in January. Called up to make a booking and they told me they were not honouring the coupons any more. Why do it in the first place if you're not going to honour them. Still waiting for my $19 refund from Living Social as I was told to contact them for a refund.Brendan Camilleri

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We live in Altona and use to order home delivery from Numero Uno all the time. We ordered our usual home delivery, my husband spoke to some "doh doh" head on the phone who didn't know the difference between risotto and pasta - when my husband ordered a vegetarian rigatoni he asked is that risotto?? We paid for our order by credit card over the phone. When delivery guy came with food he asked for money as he didn't have a receipt for your food and thought we hadn't paid for it. After a long conversation back and forth on the phone we were asked to give our credit card details again, asking us how much it was. My husband didn't know how much the food cost, was frustrated at them and expressed this. They then told the delivery guy to take the food back off us! Then 10min later they ring us and say yes they found our receipt. So we have no food and have paid for food that was taken off us! Unprofessional, petty and backward! Never Ever Again!Kerry Leamon

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Mosaic Restaurant

Gourmet48 Pier Street, Altona

Mosaic is an excellent (if pricey) venue if you want somewhere nice to meet friends or associates. It's a step up from the routine cafe's without being a formal restaurant. The decor is modern and fresh, the staff are excellent.James Duncan

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Very friendly service and tasty food Reijo Henriksson

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Tapas was great as was their friendly service. Too bad the mains did not taste as good.Pete Tenuta

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Service is very slow still waiting 1hr for food to comeCharlie Mifsud

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