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Bellarine Railway



Bellarine Railway

Station20 Symonds Street, Queenscliff

Great venue for weddings and trains of old. Colourful place with rich historic character. Great bike track too and you can see the steam and old deisel trains run by. People are friendly too.A Google User

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we would like to say a big thankyou to all staff for all the help that was given on sunday.after the accident especially for the guys having to get a ladder for my wife .they all did such a wonderful job.everyone was asked if they were ok.we could not have asked for anything more .we hope the train driver is ok and also the driver of the car. Kevin Harkness

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Vue Grand

Gourmet46 Hesse Street, Queenscliff

Restaurant, pub and hotel all amazing. Best beer menu ever and lovely staff. Keep up the great work! Cari Macleod

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My friend and I stayed there on the 4th of June the were terrific they could not have done more for us. The food was the best we would like to go back and we would recommend it anyone . Kay LawsonKay Lawson

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Pizza were only mains on menu and were disappointing. Needed more topping and more flavor.Marc Bradshaw

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Trident Fish Bar

Gourmet4 Gellibrand Street, Queenscliff

Best Fish And Chips in Melbourne it said on their website, so, as a man who likes to prove people wrong I decided to head down and check em out...Have to say, they weren't wrong at all, Phonz and Ralph had us in hysterics, put together an amazing feed and I never had fish that fresh in my life. Top job fellas. 5 starsA Google User

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Loved it. Clean and fresh looking shop. Food was great both the fish and the burger. Really impressed, I'll go back for sure.Richard Lasslett

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Worst fish and chips. The fish serve was very small and tasteless. Chips are very poor quality and frozen. Not going to come back to this place or recommend it to anyone. anuveer nathan

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The bloke in the Pub nest door warned us the Trident Fish and Chip shop was a bit doji what a understatement~!!!!! we where all a bit pekish after a few beers at the pub so thought some fish and chips would fill the gap there was six of us 4 ate Fish and Chips 2 had ham burgers we where all violently ill over the next day and we all vomited with in 3 hrs of eating the food and i had diarrhea for 2 days after that needed medical intervention ,honestly i have never been so sick from food poising . I reported this to the local council by phone the next week because of the severity of the poising i sure hope they do something about this, the dirty people who run the place one had a rat tail hair do suppose that should of been enough to put me off silly silly me!!!!! BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE you have been warnedwally innis Innis

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