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Redgum Pizza

Gourmet89 Railway Avenue, Laverton

The best pizza i have ever had.Anuj Gupta

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the pizzas are full of topping they are feeling great base not burnt not sogie an have to say great customer service. review by every day customer benJohn Smith

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best pizza in laverton... tandoori n butter chicken pizza awesome:) Thota Jayasimha

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KFC Melbourne

GourmetCorner Central Avenue & Merton Street, Laverton

The staff seem to think that work is a place to socialise and catch up on "That guy I got with on the weekend". It's not a watercooler, a place to stand around and discuss whatever you please. It's your job, to cook, serve, ect. I'm not trying to be rude but it's completely true. Wasn't very pleased with what I heard from their mouths, nor too pleased with the service in general... The chips were bloody good though!kile bantick

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Zingers! I love Zinger burgers. The hot crisp chicken on a bed of fresh crisp lettuce with a dollop of mayo. Nothing can beat having a zinger burger..... UNLESS you make the same mistake as I did and bought one from KFC Altona Meadows. Cold chicken on a slimy mess of limp brown lettuce.. The only traces of mayo have been absorbed into the roll. Disgusting.... Amanda Grobler

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This would have to be the worst KFC I have ever been to. The food is almost average on every visit. But what makes this unsatisfying food even worse is witnessing the manager "Amit" verbally abuse his staff. Perhaps thos abuse is the cause of their unmissable lack of morale. Not sure how this hot headed moron got his position of managing young people, let alone how his kept it. It is disgusting and needs to be stopped. This kids are probably in school and working to earn their own money, in my opinion nobody deserves to put up with a manager like that!Dan Jackson

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Went in with my daughter today through drive-thou, ordered 2 of the $5 lunch meals. I asked for a popper juice with one. I was told that it would be 0.50c dearer. Why I asked Laura the Shift manager. She said it is only for small cans of pepsi and pepsi max. Not everyone drinks pepsi was my response, and certainly not children. I refused to pay an additional $0.50 for the same size drink just to get a healthier alternative. She reluctantly gave me the juice, advising it wouldn't happen again. I came home googled, and what do you know the special includes a "250ml Drink" it does not specify it has to be Pepsi. I rang the store, thinking to educate Laura so that the next person doesnt receive the rude attitude I did. But all I got was a 'no worries', not a thank you for letting me know, or thank you for clarifying. Nope she continued with her condescending attitude. Is it any wonder this store is rated so poorly when even the managers have a chip on their shoulders.stacey g

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