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Sip'n Save - Reepham Hotel

Gourmet273 Churchill Road, Prospect

I would like it to be good but it's a terrible pokie pub with average and over priced food.Aaron C

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Well, we used to frequent the Reapham hotel for meals a few years ago and hadn't been back for a while. I had always enjoyed the great hot veg and cold salad bar as it had loads of variety, there was the quite extensive menu and some really great food was had there, back in the day. It was with this in mind that I ordered the Thai fried squid with chips and my partner the salad bar (I had told her in advance, its huge and loads to choose from so don't bother with a main, because she's not a huge meat eater anyway). Well after perusing what was a completely shabby looking hot bar, with a few drowned grey coloured beans and shrivelled up objects that may once have been either roast potatoes or pumpkin. I then wandered over to the salad bar and cast my eye over what looked like pasta that had been there since lunchtime and a few disheartened beetroots, looking lonely and lost. Not much of anything there I thought for $10! I returned to my seat and advised my partner to upgrade to the Beef ragout with pasta because for the $10 they were going to charge for that e-coli sanctuary she may as well pay an extra $1.90 and have a nicer full meal and it would be hot and probably safer to eat. How very wrong I was. The beef ragout looked like it was taking swimming lessons, with soggy pasta galore that had been overcooked like only a totally inexperienced chef could, the sauce wasn't seasoned at all. Quite revolting. But...nothing compared to the Thai style squid, this was a taste experience that I had never experienced ever in all my culinary outings regarding Thai food. I'm guessing it was premade and frozen and then plunged in oil so hot that only the outside was cooked leaving the inside raw and spongey. I gingerly took a piece and dipped it in the tartare sauce... please tell me that's what it was because it certainly didn't taste like it. All in all a woefull experience with food that was so below par it was scary. Reapham hotel you need a new chef because the one you have can't cook...sorry its the truth. One star for the fact that there was no hassle at all getting our money back. A sad end to what was once a great place to eat!Peter Marsella

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