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Gertrude St/Nicholson St



Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre

Hospital2 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne

Peter Mac took great care of my father in his final days and we are most appreciate of the wonderful and caring staff there. Thank you for the wonderful and priceless work that you do.Anna Lam

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I volunteer here as a massage provider. The volunteer department is amazingly well-organised and it is a joy to be part of the place. All the staff are incredibly positive and helpful.Maddock James

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That a great place! Very positive and experienced staff! Sergey Mironov

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Great and caring people who do an awesome jobjustin martin

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Melbourne Museum

Museum11 Nicholson St, Carlton

This place rocks! For adults and kids alike. The taxidermy room is amazing/spooky and the sections on the human body and the mind are really thoughtful and interesting. Beats the Sydney museum to the curb. Cara T

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Loved it. Dinosaurs! Taxidermy! Phar Lap! Fish!Emma Muhlack

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Fantastic museum, Great staff and a wonderful place to take the kids. I down-rated one star, and I cant epmhasise this negative comment enough, THE FOOD IN THE CAFETERIA IS AWEFUL. Whatever you do, don't waste your money. Bring your own food, or go somewhere else. This was the worst food I have ever tasted. Sorry Museum, but the food served is shocking. I am sure no staff eat there themselves...Arvin A

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I really enjoyed my visit to the museum, I learn many things on the historic side of Melbourne. I would highly recommend this to anyone who has a interest in the history of this great town.Marquessa Jelbart

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IMAX Melbourne Museum

CinemaRathdowne St, Carlton

Very cool. the whole family enjoyed it. will definitely go backEdmund Tyminski

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My most recent experience was at the Premiere of Star Trek Into Darkness and it was a wonderful night. Firstly, the staff are wonderful and very accommodating and helpful. What is particularly outstanding though is the technical aspects of the IMAX 3D experience, especially on a film shot in native IMAX 3D is spectacular, but even more impressive in my opinion is the mind blowing surround sound that even with our non central seats was impressive. The only things I could possibly think of that could be better is slightly nicer seating would be nice as they are starting to show their age, but don't think this means they are uncomfortable - far from it. Just not quite the latest in cinema seating. Having said that, IMAX Melbourne Museum is still far and away my favourite cinema experience anywhere in Melbourne and if you haven't been there, you don't know what you're missing! John M Edmondson

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Excellent experience, saw Hidden Universe 3D and it was pretty cool. Cost 2 pensioners and 1 child just over $40....if it wasn't 3D I probably wouldn't pay that much though. It is worth it for the 3D movies. Documentary ran for just over 40 minutes, which was a little short, but all in all I would definitely go back and see something else. Coupled with the fact that concession holders get free entry to the Melbourne Museum too was great.Trace van Lieshout

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Can't explain how amazing the experience is. I explain to friends and it's not until they experience the immense screen size and sound that they actually understand. Words alone aren't enough. I also can't tell you how many times I've sat there and heard how people can't believe they have never been here before and how they are never going back to another cinema ever again :-) Make sure to book online as it's difficult to just rock up and book!! andrew westerbeek

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