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Marion Railway Station



Delhi Spice Indian Restaurant

Gourmet271A-271C Oaklands Road, Marion

We get takeaway every week or so and we're yet to be disappointed. Delicious, well priced, and good sized servings.Alastair Taverner

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Their kitchen is on full display so you can see the whole shambolic cooking process. No idea how they track orders when it gets busy but it tastes awesome regardless. Good price too. I will go back. Timothy Wilson

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Used lot of food coloring in green chutney and chicken was dark red. Taste was not too bad. Lot of color does not looks natural, so why using it? Indians never use artificial food coloring in homemade food. You can use some natural alternatives like turmeric, degi mirch (mild) and coriander/mint paste etc. It will give rich color and makes food tasty too. So consider this option please.Anshuman Sharma

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I believe that my comment is fair and reasonable and is wholly based on my experience of 27th August, 2013 regarding a pick up order that I placed at this restaurant at approximately 6:10pm to be picked up around 6:55pm. My spouse collected the order and paid for it. The order was completely wrong. Called restaurant and spoke to same person who placed the order. He initially called out the order and confirmed with him that it was the wrong order. I repeated my order and asked what happened. He advised me that my order was the only pick up that they had that evening and asked me to wait whilst he checked. After getting back to me, he advised me that there had been two orders under the surname, "Kelly," if this was the case, what other checks did the restaurant undertake to confirm that the customers would get the correct order? Both my husband and I are currently suffering with sinusitis and bronchitis and, as such, asked for the order to be sent to us and the incorrect order returned at the same time. This option was rejected and I was told that I needed to attend the restaurant for the replacement. I advised that I would be placing an appropriate review on at least one website. As at writing this, I have not received a return telephone call from the restaurant. So, the aforementioned restaurant not only provided me with the incorrect order, as at writing this, they have also not offered to refund the $28.80 for the food even if my husband and/or I did somehow manage to make it back to the restaurant last evening.Caroline Kelly

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Pizza Palace

Gourmet851 Marion Road, Mitchell Park

It is the third time I ordered from this lovely pizza shop, My family really enjoy the dinner. Their Pizza and BBQ Wings was really nice. There are amount of topping on the super supreme(much more than other pizza shop), the vegetable was very fresh and the salami was so nice. It is the best pizza I ever ate. jiaming zhang

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Didnt have the pizza. Had the ribs, wings + chips. It wasnt anything like what I had expected - there were a ton of chips, a small potion of chopped up ribs which didnt taste great. And some chicken wings which didnt have enough sauce- and didnt taste that great at all. The sauce I think either was just wrong or they got it wrong on that day - would recommend this place for the ribs and wings for sureShehan Lena

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The pizza itself is pretty good. The fact that it took an hour and a half for them to deliver it without the courtesy of a call saying it was 'busy' is definitely a reason I wont be ordering from there again. daz vaitkus

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Possibly the worst pizza I've ever eaten. The topping all tasted like they had come out of a jar. There were big globs of uncooked crushed garlic that tasted foul. The sauce was slimy and the whole thing was just terrible. The only reason we had more than one slice before throwing it away was because it was a split topping pizza. Both flavours were unedible. Definitely will not return or order again ever. stefan trotta

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