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LaVida Bar and Restaurant

Gourmet3/178 Keen Street, Lismore

Ah-mazing! Was here for work and got lucky the new mexican joint was not open bc I came here after googling "best food Lismore" and boy was this the case. Tapas style meals and food you wouldnt even attempt to recreate at home... soo delicious! I had the lamb sliders, halloumi skewers and green beans with dukkah and let me tell you I cant wait to go back for work again bc I will be eating here every time! Price reflects the meal you get. Allison W

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We love to send our guests to La Vida. The menu is excellent and the outside setting is a pleasure to sit in. I always feel like I am on holiday in italy.Simone Dixon

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I had the fortune of being taken out to lunch at La Vida last Friday! Without a doubt, the most exquisite, delicious, sumptuous, scrumptious, (add more positive-food-related adjectives-here) food - one could hope to taste. Certainly the best food I've tasted in Lismore in the last twenty years. Currently counting the days before I can make it back! Bravo! :) Ci Vediamo! Thérèse Murphy

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Fantastic food, the portions are however very small, even after entree, main (not tapas dish) and dessert we are leaving hungry, this wouldn't be a problem as we could order double to accommodate except that these are expensive dishes which unfortunately means we won't be coming back.Enyaw Yasmarian

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The Loft Restaurant

Gourmet6 Nesbitt Lane, Lismore

Excellent restaurant. Couldn't recommended it more! As a place to dine in lismore for celebrations romantic dates the lot. Dimitri Christy

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I dine at The Loft regularly and it is definately the best restaurant in Lismore and the surrounding areas. The menu, which changes with each season, is always fantastic. I always have trouble deciding what to eat so I have to visit again and again to try all the dishes! My partner and I always order something different and share our meals so we can taste a bit of everything. And there are always specials in addition to the menu which give you different options for those that visit regularly. When friends visit from Sydney I bring them here and we enjoy the ambience, extra friendly staff and professionalism. Great place to relax and enjoy a glass (or 3)! of wine over dinner. We always leave feeling satisfied and destressed Sam Wasson

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Have eaten there 3 times in the last few months - every time the food has been excellent, and just the right size servings too. Totally recommend the food. Our only one not so good experience was one night one particular waiter who felt the need to comment on the menu choices we had made, particularly about the carb content. All the other waiters have been faultless.Henry Engeln

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Indian Mumtaj Restaurant

Gourmet19 Molesworth Street, Lismore

Good authentic food, nice staff. Not the nicest sit down restaurant, but great for takeaway. Not as cheap as city prices, but pretty good for the country.Andrew Sefton

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We've been to this Indian restaurant in Lismore a few times now. I wouldn't say it's be best indian I've ever had, and it's usually 'good', but don't expect to be blown away by this indian restaurant, it does seem to be geting better though, and the last time we went the vegetarian curry dishes we had were actually pretty good. A bit pricey though. Come here for reasonable indian.Kegan P

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I have tried this restaurant and found that the first time it was ok, but the second time it was good, overall though it was good authentic food and good smiling serviceSallyanne Miranda-Stephens

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If you don't know any better, sure, it will do. However, if you've ever eaten authentic Indian cuisine, disappointment is an understatement for what you feel upon taking that first spoonful of Patak's grade curry. Don't even get me started on that home brand naan they served. It was probably about the size of your hand (which is a joke by Indian standards) and had the consistency of paper that had been put through the wash in your pocket, then dried out on the line. The serving size was laughable, so if you're the kind of person to complain months after about not getting your money's worth, you will be if you choose to eat here. A Google User

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