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Blaxland Station



Restaurant Como

Gourmet134 Great Western Highway, Blaxland

This place is the unsung hero of Blaxland, tucked away behind the shops it has the most amazing food and you will not find a degestation menu to match it for price.... Fantastic! Geoff Thompson

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I am a harsh critic, and did not expect much from this little, very much out of the way, restaurant. The decor is... well... rustic. But don't let looks fool you! I still vividly remember my fist taste of their degustation set - artichoke soup with truffle - about four years ago. In terms of food, Commo is one of the best, most inventive restaurants I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, anywhere in the world. Mind blowing. A foodie's hidden treasure. Book well ahead and definitely put yourself in the chef's hands with the degustation (and wine!) set. Joe Sweeney

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When it comes to food, I'm usually hard to please. After all, I'm spoilt with great food both at home and when dining out. However, Como is a different world altogether. From the unassuming facade and location (yes, it's overlooking a carpark) and the modestly furnished restaurant's interior, you could be forgiven for making the assumption that this is just another dive. I certainly made that judgement on my first visit. Boy was I wrong on all levels! The food is amazing, sensational, fabulous! I can use all the other superlatives in the book and still come short of describing the out-of-this-world dining experience in this 2-hatted restaurant. My second visit recently was an even better experience. The food is spectacular and the wine and champagne are simply divine! I don't eat meat except seafood and the staff made my version of the degustation the envy of the group! From the seared scallops to the mouth-watering desserts, Como is it for me. Definitely one of my favourite restaurants of all times! Perfect food, impeccable service and the best selection of wines, be prepared to be blown away!Nila Sweeney

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Took my wife here for our anniversary and discovered excellence in food. The chef knows how to make his food talk to you. Every bite will be ecstasy. No wonder they are hatted.Stuart Skene

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Michaelangelo's Pizzeria

Gourmet1/146 Great Western Highway, Blaxland

Best pizza in Blaxland!! Try it :)A Google User

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best T.A pizza, though Monte's is a close secondA Google User

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These guys have blown me away. They come in cheaper than the local franchise pizza shops and these are real pizza's. Give the four seasons a go and you will get a giant prawn in every slice. Too good. Stuart Skene

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We have tried this Pizza shop around ten times over the last few years as it is conveniently on our way home from work but have unfortunately watched it go from so-so pizzas all the way down to Extremely poor. These days one can expect Crepe like superthin pizza bases with ridiculously poorly combined topping combinations, quantites and quality. What do I mean by ridiculous? We feel these people must not actually try their own pizzas these days as they taste nothing like what you ask for. We ordered over the phone, very carefully asking the very young sounding call taker for what we wanted, ensured she heard our requests by double checking she had written them down, then asked for her to read it back to us to triple check we would be getting what we were about to pay for. To start with, the capricce we ordered with some extras- double olives, double mushrooms and some capsicum, as capsicum wasn't on the listed ingredients for this pizza. What we received was absolutely nothing like we had asked. No capsicum had been added, there were 7 olives on the entire Family sized pizza and a sparse amount of mushrooms were staggered across a superthin crepe like base loaded with, mostly, a truckload of onion! Absolutely nothing like we had asked for. We also asked for a meatlovers with BBq sauce- anyone with kids knows meatlovers is favoured by most kids. What we received was a pepperoni and onion laden crepe like experience that the kids avoided like the plague. The Sicilian Pizza which, of course is a hot pizza,We love hot! However, this pizza was sooo laden with chilli you couldn't take two bites in a row! And we eat fresh chilli practically every single day so hot food is definitely not an issue for us, but if they had actually ever tasted what they are making and selling, the huge price tag for 4 pizzas would look very much like daylight robbery at $65 for the quality of the resulting product. The fourth pizza was Garlic, which tasted like a very small sneeze of garlic was added and matched the sparseness of listed ingredients of the other pizzas. Very very dissapointing and last chance we will be giving this pizza shop. Lavender rose

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Blaxland Thai Restaurant

Gourmet132 Great Western Highway, Blaxland

The food quality and taste is excellent. If this restaurant was in the middle of Newtown, it wouldn't take long for it to be known as the best Thai food in town. I'm glad its my local Thai restaurant.Tim Grzonkowski

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Excellent curry, good service. The restaurant that has a pretty authentic feel. We were truly surprised by the quality Thai food in this somewhat unusual location Bo Majewski

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great food and never had a problem with serviceJulie Opie

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Not gluten friendly. Would like to put the challenge out there to this restaurant to re-look at their sauces and source a different brand or better still make their own and make them gluten free as much as possible. Better for everyone and not excluding anyone.Rob Lees

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