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Mahan Indian Restaurant & Take Away

Gourmet286 Como Parade West, Parkdale

The best Indian hands down. Been ordering for over 2 years and have never had a bad dish. Lamb korma is devine! Jayson Kennedy

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Excellent Friendly Service, B.Y.O (beer and wine), great price, vindaloo excellent. Well worth the 20 minute drive LocalManc Manc

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The best Indian restaurant, there is. love the food and staff, I travel 30 mins to go and pick up take away. My all family loves the place, I asked our kids where do we want to go, and they say Mahan Mark Willam

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There were 5 of us and we only ordered a main meal. The menu says rice is included but it wasn't and this was only mentioned when we ordered NOT when we sat down. The meal took a long time to arrive despite us being the first people there and no-one else ordering at the same time as us. The server never asked us once during the meal if we were okay. The drinks only arrived when we finished the meal and we waited so long to ask for the bill we ended up going to the kitchen to ask directly. The food was tasty but the Korma was a lot spicier than I am used to in the UK. Overall food good but service terrible.A Google User

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Montezuma's Restaurant Parkdale

Gourmet280 Como Parade West, Parkdale

I read the other reviews with interest. Been going to Montezuma's for years and been to the one in Burleigh. It's not the greatest Mexican in the world but it's alright for the price. Yes you've got to get your own drinks, wow that's a problem....NOT. My family and I like it and the food definitely requires a bowl of Jalepenos if you like real heat, as I do. If you want to pay a lot more then I'm certain you can do better. It's worth a try in my opinion. Doug Bowles

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Was disappointed with our usual beef nacho's and complained. Cashier was not sure how to handle our complaint and suggested I talk to the chef. He went onto very unapologetically say he cooked the meal and has cooked it the same as always. My experienced however was not the same, as tonights meal was too salty to consume. The chef was not at all interested that we had not eaten the meat in our nachos meal, and proceeded to further defend his supplier and cooking methods. I was at no stage offered the opportunity to speak to a manager, as it appears there wasn't one to speak to on hand. Must say though that until this point I have always thought the wait staff to be very friendly and offer service. .As a regular local customer, our family will never be eating there again as there are many other options available. Montezuma's you need to train your staff to better handle these situations or risk losing other regulars.$70 later walked out feeling very dissatisfied, and wanting to tell others.Joanne Honeychurch

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Most of my friends agree that Montezuma's is a pretty crappy restaurant. The supposed "Mexican" food hardly has any spice at all, which is alright I suppose if you don't like spice, but hardly authentic. Much of the food lacks flavour. Don't order a salad, it'll taste like wet paper with no seasoning. The atmosphere, however, is quite authentic. Your really feel like you're in the middle of nowhere in Mexico: it's hot, humid and sticky, rather uncomfortable, and you're filled with a sense of fear and worry, no offence to the people of Mexico intended. One positive aspect of Montezuma's is the service. In my experience, the waiters have always been extremely friendly and conversational. You might sometimes be left waiting for a while as if you'd been left and forgotten in the Chihuahuan desert.River Kano

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We thought we would take the kids to a Mexican restaurant for a change but I have to say it was the worst restaurant I have ever been too. The waiting staff were unfriendly, we had to get up, go to the bar to get our own drinks and the food was just a disgusting stodgy mess. All the meals looked the same - brown. The meats were dried out and bland. The menu prices don't include GST - why, I have no idea? It was the worst food I have ever had out. Extremely disappointed! Don't waste your time or money going there.Alexandra Wardle

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