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The Corner Store

Gourmet1 Swanston Street, Mentone

Awesome food and service. Frequent this venue and have never been disappointed.Adam Hallyburton

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Great selection of food and drinks. The setup of the place is really cool as well - very quirky. The only negative I could think of was that we had too many people serving us. By the end of it 5 or so different staff members had served us. Not a bad thing but there was a few repeat questions. Would definitely recommend eating there if you are in the area. The Surf & Turf is fantastic! Dylan Thomas

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The place looks very unique and has a great atmosphere. The staff are also very friendly. Ordered the T1 Sanga and it did not disappoint! On the other hand the coffee did. I was told by regulars that the coffee was best when made by a brunette girl. Chloe G

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Nice atmosphere. Pretty nice service and food was nice too. johnny maverick

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Guzel Istanbul Turkish Restaurant

Gourmet102 Nepean Highway, Mentone

hands down really fantastic food. the mixed grill is well priced and its a huge meal. authentic turkish tucker! recommend it highly.Ryan Vanderhorst

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O dear where do i start. The service is as bad as the decor. There are six signs up that relate to poor service "dont help yourself to a drink", dont come to the till to pay.... If the service was half descent... they would not have to put these signs up. This extends to the food, I found mostly bland, small portions, mains are around $25, starters around $10, so not good value at all. Humus was watery, tasteless and lumpy, some of the grill meat was tough, some okay. Spices were okay. Its was just hard work waiting to order, waiting for your food. Not one person looked happy in the restaurant. So no would not go back or recommend. I don't know how it was half full... Claire Waymouth

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I ordered a pick up on Sunday at 5pm and some young kid picked up with very rude tone and was impatient. Didnt explain what each dish were about. I said " do you guys have whole mean bread" and he said NO in a very rude manner and I asked if there is a posibility to order one and he was so blunt When I went to pick it up some girl who didnt even acknowledge me when I walking inside and she kept on serving customers. She looked at me once and didnt acknowledge. Everyone who were in restaurent were Turkish and keps on looking at me. its one of those places where you get served better if you are same breed I went to kitchen window and 3 blokes were working and I could see which kid picked up my call. they didnt even acknowledge me and I waited for teh girl to finish taking order and I went up to her saying I am here for a pick up and she reffers me to speak to people in Kitchen... they gave me food and no thank you or come again etc went home and meat was so dry....i have had better Turkish in life and better service I would not recomment this place I reallFunkiee One

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La Porchetta Mentone

Gourmet121/123 Mentone Parade, Mentone

Its not the most fresh and healthy thing in the world but boy does it taste great!ryan conelly

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Not the best. Pasta is always swimming in oil and there is a long wait for it. Also the restaurant is very boring lookingA Google User

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Not open to late as shown on the front door. Pizza is really average. Shaun Rao

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Cheap but terrible. Loud. Poor service but you get that for the price.Chris Hill

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