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Gourmet462 Hampton St, Hampton

The best local authentic Italian!Mitch Green

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You can't go wrong here for a nice meal served in a timely manner with some changes if you like and it's BYO! Entrée size pasta dishes enough for me and I usually have a large appetite.Jenny Yelland

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We always looked forward to takeaway or eat-in from Fazios. And the eat-in was better because things were more crisp and hot. Not any more. Seems to have changed hands. Forget the crisp base of the pizza that's now soggy even in the shop. Forget the crunchy prawns on the Bari pizza they've lost their freshness and their flavour especially the garlic. Forget the super hot crisp deep fried edge on the Italian Rosemary potatoes, they've gone the way of McCains with nothing distinguishing. And don't ask for the Whitebait - the waitress looked at us as if we were from outer space. We had to eventually point to the item on the menu! Pity, lost its way and it's now another average pizza place. Walter Adamson

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Gourmet273A Hampton Street, Hampton

Simply brilliant. Fantastic traditional quintesentially italian cuisine at a level seldom found else where. Always my first choice. Just close your eyes and point at the menu and you are guarenteed a fantstic night. Put simply...the atmosphere is cosy and the food is exquisit. With a Calabrese influence in both the standard menu as well as the specials it is almost impossible to go wrong. My recommendation is the Prawn pizza with a side of rocket salad, some crusty bread and a nice red from their modest selection. You cant go wrong :)A Google User

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The best Italian and service in Bayside.Andrew Todd

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Service was good. Yes the restaurant is a little noisy, but the food is absolutely spot on. The bruschetta was lovely, the tomato was very tasty and fresh. I had the prawn, olive and cherry tomato pizza, which was very nice, the dough was the perfect thickness and again the prawns were very fresh. The other people on the table had the barramundi fish special that was spot on and the marinara, which was very tasty but could have done with more seafood.A Google User

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the pizza is exceptional. much better than some of the other italian restaurants on hampton stSmokke e

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Pinocchio Pizza Restaurant

Gourmet358 Hampton Street, Hampton

First time at Pinocchio's after a friends recommendation. Entrees were delicious, pizza was amazing, very surprised we finished the 1/2 a meter pizza with my partner. Great atmosphere and the service was great.Natasha Thompson

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Bustling on a Friday night but we still managed to get in without having a reservation. This place is perfect for families and we loved the design and decor inside. The staff very friendly, attentive and the food tasted great. I had the soft shell crab ravioli - it was well prepared but the serving size was a little small. The pizza was well made and in true Italian style it wasn't overloaded with toppings. I would definitely come back here again!Vishal Pai

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Delicious pizzas. I've eaten at a couple of similar traditional Italian pizza restaurants (DOC in Mornington and Ciao Bella in Balnarring) and this place is of equal measure. Really nice food and the service was great - really friendly. Dylan Thomas

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Food was too fancy!! Pinocchio's charge through the roof!! Service..poor, Quality of food .. below average Cost..RIDICULOUS!!! My family (party of 7) felt like eating Italian food and we came accross Pinocchios in Hampton. We were attracted to the overall name/look/feel of the restaurant. We were all looking forward to a traditional Italian meal, however, instead we received food which was of below average quality and extremely overpriced. To top this off, the staff were uninterested and "Blazay" to say the least and the meals took over an hour to come out. The capricciosa pizza one of us ordered was returned to the kitchen becasue it had no salami (as was described in the menu) The correct pizza (with salami) was delivered half an hour later. My sons meal (spaghetti bolognaise) was forgotton and was eventually served to him after we had reminded the staff (twice) that they had forgotton his meal. In all fairness, he was given a complimentary ice cream to make up for the error. Over all the prices at Pinocchio's are just unbelievably expensive and the menu is way too fancy. I would definatly not recommend Pinochio's. I will not be returning to this restaurant. I am exptremely dissapointed and was left unsatisfied after dining there. In saying this, the restaurant has a wonerful feel and the set up is brilliant. My advice to the owner of Pinocchio's is to stop trying to be so fancy, and to understand that just beacuse your restaurant is in Hampton, doesnt mean you can charge through the roof!!! I am sorry, but you did not receive a tip from us, however, I can offer you these tips. Stick to traditional, wholesome Italian food, add some less fancy choices to your menu become BYO, stop charging through the roof and train your staff to smile and to provide professional service!! I hope that you take this constructive critism on board!! Holly Baden

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