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Rosehill Station



El Jannah

Gourmet4-8 South St, Granville

That chicken. That garlic sauce. Totally worth however long it takes you to get there. Take away recommended. Tabouli and pickles on the side are a must. Try not to think about how many chickens they go through each day and you'll be fine. Charcoal chicken like no other! You will always have left over garlic sauce, so get extra chicken!Beverley Miles

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Garlic, Garlic, Garlic This place has queues out the door and they have gotten so big they have taken over the shop next door. They even have a web site now with an menu so you can ring and place your order in advance. What makes this place so special? The Garlic. I go out of my way to take a trip to Granville to get a chicken roll with everything and extra garlic. YumHomer Trix

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The chicken is really just an excuse to eat more of that delicious garlic sauce. The chicken itself was a little on the dry side but the skin was well barbecued. Chips were good, but note: a large serving is really quite large!Enoch Lau

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Not sure what the big deal here. Lot of people claiming its the best chicken shop in Sydney but I think its pretty average really. Ordered a whole chicken to share and it came out pretty dry, very disappointing. On the other hand the chicken roll was very nice, especially if you get any side orders like the hommous, garlic sauce or pickles. Average chicken shop, I'll drop by if I'm in the area but won't go out of my way to get here.Ray D

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Sopranos Gourmet Pizza & Pasta

Gourmet2/22-24 Oak Street, Rosehill

Great staff, great delivery dudes, even better food. What can I say! I order home delivery every week or so, they remember you. In this economic climate its nice to feel my custom is valuedA Google User

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Really good food at a great price wow Tony Oueis

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This place is ok I've read reviews and they all seem positive so I thought I'd give this place a shot. Wasn't that impressed really. Would I eat her again? Yes if someone else paid for it and it was freeMinh Huynh

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I've been here a few times and usually had a few different pasta's. The pasta's are decent the gnocchi always tatses fresh but if you just want pizza then you will upset. $15 for what i would call a single serving of pizza. Thats ridiculous. Go to crust if you want an awesome pizza. Crust pizza's are about 100 times better, and probably twice the size for the same price. No i dont work for them or have anything to do with them but after i choose to try this place over crust last week and a box the size of those 4 slice mini pizzahut ones showed up i nearly had a heart attack.A Google User

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Himalaya Pakistani And Indian Restaurant

Gourmet5 Good Street, Granville

Himalayas Granville catered for our wedding. We can't begin to say how great a job they did with the food. The service and quality was fantastic and the guests all left extremely happy with the standard of the food. Thank you team. rfang77

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Open till late serving fantastic dishes from India and Pakistan. Nithin Kuriakose

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The food is good and they have a wide variety in the buffet. However the service is really poor, if you happen to go there when it's busy you will find the staff screaming and running around. We had a booking and were asked to sit in a certain table only to be told to move as that table was booked for someone else. I would give them 4* for food and 2* for service.Muhammad Danish

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Can't even get through to order over the phone... minutes after someone is handing out brochures. The only person who answers says they aren't going to answer if we call again. Bad Service.Ravi Shrivastav

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