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Thornleigh Station



Thornleigh Golf Centre

Amusement park142-178 Pennant Hills Road, Thornleigh

Excellent facility, great place to be...Dan X

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Fantastic, what a way to practice and improve your golf . The staff are great the coffee is good. I just love it GatinGatin LoSurdo

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Great place to learn. All brand new and my son and I had our first lesson with one of the golf prosJeff Cheema

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I've been going to this place for a while now (about six months). I'm back to golf after a few years off (I got to single figures and now I'm trying to get back). You can't take your bag onto the range unfortunately, and at first I found this to be a bit irritating, but this is probably because of the occasional 'gorilla' who comes onto the range and deliberately tries to hit non-range balls over the fence. It's a shame, once again a minority of idiots makes life more difficult for the majority. That issue aside, the range is really nice and a pleasant environment to practice your golf swing. The cafe is great and the pro shop is fully stocked with every major brand in golf. The best thing? Getting a 'Trackman' lesson! That technology is awesome and my session this week was the most helpful thing I've EVER done to improve my game (after about 17 years playing). It gives you all this data on your swing, like face angle, angle of attack, spin rates, path, club head speed etc. The pro will explain everything clearly, and in my case, he identified a MAJOR flaw in my swing and had it fixed in about 15 minutes. Seriously, my high cuts/slices became medium high draws and fades within about 30 minutes! Then he sends you a screencast of the session so you can look it up and remind yourself before you practise. So - next time you think about spending your hard earned on some useless practice fad or device, I recommend you think again and spend it on a Trackman session at Thornleigh. Mat Scott

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Tung Tong Roong Thai Restaurant

Gourmet1A Hillcrest Road, Pennant Hills

Stopped for dinner on the way from Canberra to Newcastle on a public holiday Monday night. Easy to find & park. Not busy but not too quiet either. Ordered pawn laksa and pad Thai. Authentic. Delicious. Pleasantly spicy. Prompt friendly service. Complimentary prawn crackers AND after dinner mint chocolates. Nice decor and dining space too.Nicole Edwards

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This is possibly the best Thai restaurant in Sydney. If you go here you must get the money bags, they are amazing. They also make my favourite massaman curry. Oliver Griffith

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Its the second best Thai I've had in Sydney, the first being Pent Thai in Epping. Tung Tong Roong Thai had amazing food but what was a lovely surprise was that the portion sizes were big. A little noisy but very good overall. I would definitely go back.Angeline Tyrokomos

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Was in on Thursday night: not too busy, but enough people to give the place a nice vibe. Food is very good and the staff were delightful.Dmitriy Lewicki

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Zac's Great Food

Gourmet288 Pennant Hills Road, Thornleigh

The Aghani Pilaf is simply delicious. The service was prompt and courteous, and they even accommodated my son's special needs. Highly recommended for authentic food and great service. Adnan Khan

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Nothing short of amazing foods, the most awesome service and you will have a great time there surely... Zac's is just amazingAl Amin Ibrahim

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We have dined at Zac's every few months for the last few years, and we have always had a good experience. Food has always met or exceeded our expectations. Pricing is reasonable. Service is always friendly and usually reasonably quick unless they are very busy. Highly recommended. Andrew Host

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Small and cosy, an interesting menu which spans steakhouse and family dining to Afghani/Persian type dishes. Beautifully cooked lamb. Some real taste sensations. Zac is a friendly and charming host. There is a private room out back.Max Brettargh

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