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Gourmet1 Nelson Place, Williamstown

My family and I had a wonderful time at the Titanic, great food, acting, comedy and atmospere. Thanks to the captain for making it a fun and unforgettable experience. Highly recommend it, can't wait to come back! Carla SeymourCarla Michell Seymour

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was the best night weve had since being in Melbourne for 5 years, you leave feeling uplifted and happy the food was the best, cannot understand how anyone can give this place a bad review? cannot wait for family to come over and it will be the first place we take them too, brilliant.Garth Leighton

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I have been here many times and never get bored. I always feel welcomed by the staff and the food is great. I would bring anyone here because I know they will be taken care of and have a great time. Can't wait to come back.Lochlann Wade

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Been there and I will never forget it is something you need to do Shannon Wade

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Siam Orchid Restaurant

Gourmet145 Nelson Place, Williamstown

BEST THAI IN MELBOURNE! I'm not sure if the last reviewer, Mr. Orange reviewed the right restaurant as this is a Thai restaurant not Japanese! Anyways, my partner and I have been going to Siam Orchid for years and we always bring friends and family when we get the chance because the food is always consistently great and the service is fantastic as you can really see it's run by a great family. I highly recommend the sizzling steak! Everything is excellent value as well.A Google User

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My husband and I have loved this restaurant since it first opened. We have tried every dish on the menu and they are all absolutely delicious. When we built our house in Williamstown, we would dine at this restaurant twice a week. We were addicted. My favourite is the Pla Tod (Rockling fish with three toppings) and the Seafood Curry, and the Tom Yum soup, and the coconut icecream and the spring rolls and the pad thai noodles....get the picture? My only complaint? The local slobs who dine there. They don't know how to dress or behave. The staff is wonderful as is the food. Just don't look at the patrons and you will be fine. Fantastic otherwise.A Google User

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Diverse menu, gracious service, delicious meals and great value. Busy and popular restaurant, but can be intimate as well. cramar3015

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WORST SERVICE ON THE PLANET. It took 30-40 minutes for the food to come out. My food was ok but, not enough to make up how terrible the service was. I only tried a piece of my grandma's chicken. The sauce was not very good, and the chicken: a bit chewy. Rice is fine, not hard to mess up. Sashimi, ok. Kelp salad, pretty good. The chirashi sushi was good enough. Im not going again though and I do not recommend it.A Google User

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Sangam Tandoori Indian Restaurants

Gourmet135 Nelson Place, Williamstown

love it. Always great food, always friendly staff. best Indian restaurant in Williamstown. Fred Celco

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Indian here is on par with the best in town. The naan bread was so plump and fluffy, a simple task which every other Indian restaurant can not achieve as well as they do. Adrian Capovilla

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Fabulous food. Went for a party with a team of 50 people. Service was excellent too. Must visit for Indian cuisine while in Melbourne Peeyush Upadhyay

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Had the onion bhaji, garlic naan and beef bhuna. Those side dishes were amazing, though the beef was very dry and it isn't a cheap place to eat. Service is good.Clinton Gale

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