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Williamstown Beach



Siam Orchid Restaurant

Gourmet145 Nelson Place, Williamstown

BEST THAI IN MELBOURNE! I'm not sure if the last reviewer, Mr. Orange reviewed the right restaurant as this is a Thai restaurant not Japanese! Anyways, my partner and I have been going to Siam Orchid for years and we always bring friends and family when we get the chance because the food is always consistently great and the service is fantastic as you can really see it's run by a great family. I highly recommend the sizzling steak! Everything is excellent value as well.A Google User

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My husband and I have loved this restaurant since it first opened. We have tried every dish on the menu and they are all absolutely delicious. When we built our house in Williamstown, we would dine at this restaurant twice a week. We were addicted. My favourite is the Pla Tod (Rockling fish with three toppings) and the Seafood Curry, and the Tom Yum soup, and the coconut icecream and the spring rolls and the pad thai noodles....get the picture? My only complaint? The local slobs who dine there. They don't know how to dress or behave. The staff is wonderful as is the food. Just don't look at the patrons and you will be fine. Fantastic otherwise.A Google User

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Diverse menu, gracious service, delicious meals and great value. Busy and popular restaurant, but can be intimate as well. cramar3015

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WORST SERVICE ON THE PLANET. It took 30-40 minutes for the food to come out. My food was ok but, not enough to make up how terrible the service was. I only tried a piece of my grandma's chicken. The sauce was not very good, and the chicken: a bit chewy. Rice is fine, not hard to mess up. Sashimi, ok. Kelp salad, pretty good. The chirashi sushi was good enough. Im not going again though and I do not recommend it.A Google User

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Santorini Restaurant Williamstown

Gourmet1 Parker Street, Williamstown

Great restaurant! Lovely Food! Friendly service! They do get busy so sometimes you have to wait which is only expected from high quality restaurants. Great for business meeting, functions and just a nice romantic dinner. Would recommend to anybody and make sure you get the entre of dips, the saganaki and the calamari ;) Danny Risteski

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really enjoy food and it's perfect Greek environment!!!Maryam Jalvandi

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Greek style, good location, great ambient, awesome foods just a bit pricy.Javid Jalvandi

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I sent a friend a while back to this restaurant. They waited a hr to order drinks then half an hour later, we told they were extremely busy with a function upstairs and they did not have time to serve them. They left and ate at a pub down the road. So my partner and I decided to take our friend to this restaurant the other night, hoping the experience for her this time would be much different. We ordered our food and it took an hour for our food to come to the table. It was wrong. Not only that the meal was supposed to come with a side of lemon potatoes which I have had before. Instread their were chips on our plates, Wrong dip and only three little triangles of pita bread that were hard and cold. Almost as though they had been taken off someone elses plate! No dressing on the salad, just lettuce, no fetta, no tomato. I was left feeling, embarrassed and ripped off. The food is very expensive here and I am happy to pay, although getting food that is this poor, is disappointing and not worth the money. I decided from that night on, I will never recommend this restaurant to anybody and will never set foot inside again. Melbourne has amazing restaurants and we are spoilt with choice, I am happy to travel now to another Greek restaurant, where the service, food and experience is a memoriable oneCharlize Robins

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The Cork and Tucker

Gourmet231 Nelson Place, Williamstown

We had our wedding reception at Nelsons. Best night ever & the service was exceptional. We have been back many time since & the food & service has always been excellent. Megan, Max & staff have always been great hosts. Darren McCARTHY

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Loved it - great service and fantastic food. Jane Kohler

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I ordered a rib eye steak - medium rare - when it came it was well done and was so tough that even my husband agreed it was inedible (he likes his steaks WD). When I told the waiter he took it away and 5 minutes later came back to tell me that the chef had agreed to cook me another one. There was no apology and I was made to feel like it was my issue - not theirs. The second steak arrived - it was tough also and I now suspect that the steaks were frozen - no flavour and just tougher than they should be for that cut. It was at least edible this time - but not $30+ worth - and my hubby and I ended up eating separately with no acknowledgement that they had stuffed up. They didn't even ask how the second steak was. A Google User

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Should of checked previous previews before we wasted our time and money here. The service started out very well, until we waited 50mins for food, then we asked why and they pretty much told us we where lying and said it was only 30minutes...wasnt only that they didnt apologize the look I got for speaking up, then was asked if the food was good, and I wasnt so I said so, they didnt care and almost gave me a look of so what...so dont waste your time peoples - even the people to the right of us got the wrong food !A Google User

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