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Pizza Train

Gourmet2/22 Mason Street, Newport

Pizza was amazing! Highly recommend this place.Jeff Guthrie

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We stayed at the quest for a night . Searched reviews , fantastic pizza . Best pizza I've had for a long time. Fast delivery thank you for a lovely meal . Nic Baltas

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Not a bad pizza at all made fast and fresh. A tad expensive but good quality.Matt Whittle

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Mamma Teresa Pizza & Pasta Restaurant

Gourmet431 Melbourne Road, Newport

Having just moved into the area this was the first restaurant we found and we're really glad we did. I had the fishermans catch, beautiful fish and seafood well cooked and really tasty. My husband says his pizza was excellent. Portions very generous. The home made tiramisu was beautiful, but so big I would suggest you share dessert! The restaurant was clean and simple and the staff friendly and helpful. We wil lbe using both the take away and restaurant again really soon.A Google User

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Did the Saturday night classic take away for the first time tonight and ordered two large pizzas from these guys, a 'Catastrophe' and a 'Chicken Cacciatore' pizza and these were great! Very happy to have discovered these guys in my hood. Michael Meneghetti

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Avoid this dump like the plague. The worst customer service I have ever had hands down. TOBY COLLINS

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Nosh @ Newport

Gourmet24 Hall St, Newport

Great food, and excellent service!Lucas Crossley

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Love this place. Has a really good feel and the food is great!!Russell Bowden

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We were very impressed by this little hidden away Venue, great service, beautiful food and a good gluten free selection for our son, we will be coming back for Breakfast again. hoban david

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Today I had the WORST COFFEE i have ever tasted in my 44 years on this earth! Seriously, it was worse than those 7/11 style coffees where you just press a button and a coffee-like liquid appears. I just dont know how they can make it so bad? I asked for a double shot latte' and instead I got a weak horrible tasting coffee that I threw in the bin on the way out. I could tell by the way the girl poured the milk that there was absolutely zero care going into this coffee....she poured it like she was filling a bucket to wash the car - and frankly thats what it tasted like. This was probably the first coffee made for the day as I bought it right when they had just opened, so the coffee machine should have been as fresh as a daisy - instead I have an awful taste of yesterdays stale, burned coffee that haunted me until I could be a decent brew to get me back on track. For god sake Nosh, this is Melbourne, coffee is what we are all about and its no wonder the cafe was empty when I arrived this morning. Major FAIL. If you enjoy nice coffee, give Nosh a wide berth. Tony Featherstone

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