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Casula Station



Vinnies Ristorante

Gourmet568 Hume Highway, Casula

Have been coming here for years, and it never fails to deliver. Its the best.A Google User

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the food and service are way above what you will find in the city a restaurant not to be missedRex Bruker

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attented this restaurant for xmas party, ordered raviolis as a main meal cost $28.90 and received 10 pieces of ravioli, just enough to feed to a toddler let alone a adult. Not worth the money, All portions are VERY SMALL. NOT HAPPYA Google User

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Had a special dinner here for my grandparents 50th anniversary. 4 "Complimentary" water bottles were placed on the table without asking and at the end of a decent meal and event, one family member paid all of the bill as a present to my grandparents. Next morning we looked at the receipt to find each bottle of water was charged at $20. Yep, we paid $80 for water THAT NO ONE ASKED FOR!Michael Cross

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Casula Chicks & Seafood

Gourmet493 Hume Highway, Casula

Nice and consistent food quality and staff is very friendly... Awesome place to eat. Vinay Dahiya

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I bought a family pack for dinner, ALL new staff except for 1, staff busy talking to each other rather than serving customers. I got home & opened it up & was very unhappy. Chicken was dry & NOT freshly cooked & NOT HOT, chips were under cooked, salad was average. So much so I rang to complain. They didn't care Her comment was thank you. WILL NOT BE GOING BACK.Paul Koutroubas

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Used to be a really good place. They won awards in the past but it seems to have changed hands and now it's just no good. Ordered some burgers and some seafood, which was less than average but the calamari in particular was very bad, and had some strange inedible substance connected to each of them that I had to remove before they could be eaten, I've never experienced anything like it before. I figured it must have been kind of wrapper/packaging that they didn't think to remove before sticking them in the frier. I wont be going there again. Uni Assignments

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Had noticed some different staff over past months , hadnt bought much recently at all from them. 5-7-2013 brought 1 dozen Fish Cocktails, Hot Chips, Prawn Cutlets and Egg Potato Salad. Two words to describe- HORRIBLE CRAP. Cocktails were not the same fish as bforejust cheap rubbish Flake with a bad smell . Shouldnt of eaten any - had two, chips were not cocked properly, prawn cocktails were mostly batter no taste. Egg salad was horrible. 15 mins later vomited , feel sick in the gut Rang shop and spoke to Asian women, first asked if had changed owners, said didnt understand what i was talking about , made a slip then said "YES". Then she denied it saying - no no still same."BULLS DUST". End of day told her will not go back ,food is garbage , then she thanked me for saying that , lol Obviously i do not recommend to buy from this shop anymore. Once a good takeaway to a dreadful yuck junk shop. Go to go spew again. SPREAD WORD- STAY AWAY- I WILL BEthred Edwards

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