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Minto Station



Peking Village Chinese Restaurant

Gourmet44 Redfern Road, Minto

Everytime i go, everyone is so friendly. I have lived in Minto and always seem to be craving their chicken and vegetables with boiled rice!!! yummo i love their service and food and although their restaurant is very simple looking, thats the beauty of it all - i love how its simple, quick and best of all tastes great!!! i feel like some now :)A Google User

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The best Chinese food in Sydney. Great services, generous prices and delicious food. Thank you Peking Village - I'll be coming back for more.Joe Purves

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Delicious food, quiet hideaway little place but a real hidden gem. Best Chinese food in town, well decorated, the chef personally comes to the tables to see if the food was enjoyable and the prices are very reasonable :-) absolutely fantastic :-)Julian Hall

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Fastlane Karting Sydney

Amusement park20 Swettenham Road, Minto

I love myself very much. My main straight is so inviting and you should see my hair pin after turn 4. The average lap time around my curvy body is 42seconds. I have so much fun with group bookings and my games room is to die for. There is a private party section for those V.I.P people too. Christine Fastlane Karting Austrek Tours

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I plan to bring all my friends here! Staff was so friendly, and all karts in perfect working order. The outdoor track was so much fun, with wider bends and lots of fresh air. Definitely coming back for another adrenaline rush soon!!Gemma Watson

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The karts are average the place is fairly average two it is okay but if you want a good really good centre drive a little more and look up Ultimate karting Sydney..... The track is way better and the karts handle much better. The only catch is it isn't 100% kid friendly.... But you want a driving experience go there Cam Rossi

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Fastlane Karting is an ok karts place. The people are friendly, and their setup is really good. They have lap time trackers, and an arcade and so on. Their karts are pretty standard and in good condition. It's also pretty cheap, as far as karting places go. The main draw of a karts place for me is the track. For me, the track is horrible. The layout is ok, but it is in really poor condition. Being an outdoor track means it can be longer, but it also suffers from damage from the elements, which is what has happened here. Large cracks and raised sections have occurred in the concrete making for a bumpy and at times dangerous ride. While some would say this adds "character" to the track and requires greater skill to drive (true), it just didn't sit well with me. Everything here is half decent apart from the track. If the track is important to you, I'd look elsewhere.Matthew Wells

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