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Cabramatta Station



Duy Linh Vegan Restaurant

GourmetHill Street, Cabramatta

I'm so happy with the humble and welcoming service by the manager of the restaurant, who was so sweet to talk to and is really passionate with veganism. I ordered two vegan cheesecakes and I've never been more satisfied with the desserts and kept my wallet happy too with it's affordable prices. If you're around the Cabramatta area and want to try a healthy cuisine, I definitely recommend Duy Linh's Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant! Christina Pan

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It has been a great pleasure to be a costumer of Duy Linh’s for four years, often finding myself back at their tables every week. The variety of meals supplied by the owners completes itself with approximately 8 pages, each with roughly 10 different dishes. It alone easily outweighs all restaurants in Cabramatta with the largest variety of food available and has the greatest potential to serve and crater for all costumers, old and new. Each dish is well prepared in more than adequate time, never once finding myself waiting at odd minute even at busy hours. With every meal in the highest quality and serving, it is definitely suited for all individual needs. The price is cheap for roughly around $10, but bring more as you may find yourself ordering the delicious extras! Duy Linh also provides birthday parties and events for friends and family, an option that is always available and definitely worth to try out. It is a vegan restaurant but I, personally, assure that all walks of life will enjoy all meals, no matter to regards in taste or nutritional needs. It has been a privilege to write this review for them, such well-deserved compliments for their big hearts, warm smiles (definitely mine as well!) and friendly conversations (unlike other restaurant that just leave you) I would like to pass on an amazing thanks to both owners, Duy and Tony. I wish you both the best and great success of your career in owning this restaurant with an outstanding track record of more than 10 years in service. I’m sure it has done many wonderful thing for you, as you have for many of your costumers that come out your place simply stunned! You have made the biggest impression across all restaurants I’ve been to and yours, truly is the one, that stands out. Steven Nguyen

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Our daughter came to Sydney from Perth and she is a vegan. We like to take her out for dinner but we have no idea how to find a nice vegan restaurant for her. Thanks Mr. Google we finally found Duy Linh vegan restaurant online based on customers' reviews. Not only our daughter was happy with vegan meals but we also enjoyed vegan food too. For Entree we ordered steamed veg dumpling, crispy soy chicken, veg in black bean sauce, steamed rice rolls and sweet potato spring rolls. With Main meal we ordered sizzling soy chicken, pepper/salt crispy tofu, sweet and sour steam boat and vegan calamari fritters. And we had vegan cheese cakes and sorbet coconut ice cream for our dessert. We really enjoyed their vegan meals. They also did catering for our party too. .mark clinton

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If you feel like to have a vegetarian meal then go here for the rice paper roll. All the veggie and tofu will satisfy your hunger. The meal is enough for two people. trung nguyen

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Loving Hut

Gourmet227 Cabramatta Road West, Cabramatta

Delicious vegan food that is SUPER afforable and the serving size was very generous. Nice and simple place to go for really tasty compassionate food.Caitlyn Woods

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A really easy trip from the inner west, and an excellent trip to vegetarian-vegan satisfaction! Delicious, fresh, impeccably flavoured food. We shared the peking faux-duck, eight treasures soup, roast faux-chicken with caramel sauce and the vietnamese pancake. Some veg places will tend to be one-note - using a regular flavour base or single variety of mock-meat, but Loving Hut has really made each of its dishes a stand-out example of what variety in Vietnamese vegetarian food can be like. It was a thoroughly enjoyable dinner and we will be back to try more of the extensive menu!Danielle Tuazon

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I was so happy to find this place. The flavours are amazing and I got to try many dishes I have never tried before because they are usually meat based and I am vegan. Staff were friendly and prices were very reasonable. i can't remember the Vietnamese names for the dishes but the pancake was full of flavour and 100 times better than one I tried before at the markets in Darwin.David Trung

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Pho 54

Gourmet2/54 Park Rd., Cabramatta

One of Cabramatta's hidden treasures. The exterior and decor can be off-putting but the pho quality is worth it. Restaurant is a little on the smaller side so can get a little crowded during busy periods but well worth the wait. Mains are usually about $10Chan Nguyen

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It's small and its old but its been around for ages since I could remember and hands down has the best pho in Cabramatta. Their name says it all, specializing in pho with the usual variety of chicken, beef, combination pho, you name it.David Trung

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THE best Pho in Sydney. The soup base is both fragrant and perfectly balanced. Ample seating means no queues, fast and friendly service. The iced coffee is also a must try. If only they opened 24 hours.Michael Ng

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One of my alltime favourite Pho noodle places in Sydney. Located in the hustling and bustling area of Freedom Plaza. This place is well known for its pho soup as well as fresh beef and bean spout. Prices are cheap when compared other competing restaurant in Cabramatta Michael Zhong

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