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Riverwood Station



Caritas Medical Centre

Hospital268 Belmore Rd., Riverwood

I have had nothing but excellent service from this medical centre. Dr. Tarun Chauhan is extremely proffessional, friendly and very thorough with examinations. You just have to look at the queue at the door every morning to see how popular this practice is.Bob S

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Don Saunders my experience with this Centre prompts me to state categorically I would not go anywhere else unless there was absolutely no other choice. Professional service, and a genuine concern for the patients is what I have experienced every time I have had to attend the Centre. I would go further to say I always leave here feeing great confidence in the treatment I have received and believe the attitude of all the staff has that old time doctor patient relationship that is a rare thing these days. In and out at the other at most other Centre's as if the next patient is more important. This is his job and he treats it as his duty, Duty of care are not just words here they mean something! Don Saunders

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On my wife's recommendation, I reluctantly came to see Dr Tarun because I was still going to see my doctor in the suburb where I used to live and I'd been going there for for over a decade. What a wonderful experience!! It's no wonder that my wife and children absolutely adore him. I cannot recommend highly him enough.Trubble Maker

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I had a horrible experience at this surgery. The doctor I saw was extremely unprofessional and refused to even check me for the symptoms I was experiencing. I'm in my second trimester and his response to my worries of a serious illness was "well, there's nothing we can really do about it now, can we?" He made me feel as though it were my fault for getting pregnant and getting sick. He laughed every time I expressed my symptoms and worries, as though it were the funniest joke he'd ever heard. I decided to get up and leave. I then called the secretary to say that I was removing my files and will be making an official complaint against the doctor.A Google User

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Monte Carlo Pizzeria

Gourmet1/208 Belmore Road, Riverwood

It is great to eat pizza, when everything on it is fresh. They have special lunchtime deals. Affordable.Grant Rowe

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Locally owned the guy has been there for years. Great value, love the pizza doughA Google User

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Hi I live locally close to the pizza shop nice Pizza nothing spectacular very nice dough and not greasy under the box …there gelatoe ice cream bar highly recommend Dimi Vourliotis

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had great service, good pizza (we chose a really plain pizza) but nothing spectacular. The pasta was a big serve but nothing special (similar to what I can make at home). I would try it again for the pizza as the dough was very good but maybe a gourmet style one. Also bought some take away gelato which was good value.Yvonne Lee

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  • Caritas Medical Centre

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