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Red Rooster Waratah

Gourmet91 Turton Rd, Cnr Georgetown Road, Waratah

GROSS!!! The place smells like spew! Not kidding. Anytime i enter that place i feel sick. I don't mind red rooster, but this certain one i will never eat at because of the smell of the premises.A Google User

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I love this red rooster I love the chips from here this one is perfect it's the best one a little better then the one in charlestown it's nice and crunchy best chips in the world I recommend to come here :)jesse arndell

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GROSS!!! The place smells like spew! Not kidding. Anytime i enter that place i feel sick. I don't mind red rooster, but this certain one i will never eat at because of the smell of the premises.Todd Wright

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Kung Fu Noodles

Gourmet2/224-228 Maitland Road, Mayfield

Singapore noodles are fantastic at this clean and friendly take away. Unfortunate that drinks are no longer free but a $1 extraA Google User

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I'm a chef and my wife is a schoolteacher. Sometimes we don't want to cook at home so we often go to Kung Fu Noodle and love the wok dishes they create. It's very clean and there's an extensive menu and most everything is around $10-12 dollars so it's excellent value. Try the pepper beef and Singapore noodles but even the special fried rice is really fresh and tasty. Never oily and always fresh ingredients cooked really fast in high powered woks. Recommended, we go there often. Too bad there's no free drink anymore but that's the way of the world. Craig Bloxom

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good old reliable, always tastes good and the vegetables are pretty fresh. only around $10 for a box I usually can't even finish so good value reallyThewildponygirl

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Clean takeaway however i think they use MSG excessively. I had two dishes from there for dinner and throughout the night i was constantly thirsty. stefan li

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Ho Wah Restaurant

Gourmet174 Maitland Road, Mayfield

You could say that I am somewhat a connoisseur of S & S Pork. From the one dish, I can ascertain whether the premises are either good or bad. This restaurant obtains a 3 Star.Shane Gower

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Terrible service. I wanted to catch up with a friend over a meal and we felt nothing but rushed by the lady serving us. Asking us 3 times in 5 minutes if we were ready to order is a simple example. I'm presuming as we didn't follow these hurried demands, our meal was served 45 minutes later. We actually watched as a table of 6 who'd ordered just before us ate their entrees, mains and it wasn't before seeing their desserts cleared away before we got our meal. Fortunately the food was actually quite reasonable, once served. If it weren't for this fact I'd have made a serious complaint. Now instead I'm writing this review. I won't be going back.Ty Hancock

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Very disappointed, probably started getting take away 5 years ago from here, initially very good but steadily going downhill, grandma tofu was magnificent when we first got it, has become much less so. Got chili garlic prawn the other night, not a cheap dish, once again, steadily worsening over the years, prawns had to have been frozen prior, tasted of chlorine, overcooked and generally almost inedible. You need to pick up your act Ho Wah, trading on past glories I fear. We will not be back unless things change radically.. Michael Hicks

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I was very disappointed with the food at Ho Wah. We ordered 3 meals and 2 different rices. The vegetarian meal we had had absolutely no taste what so ever. Was as if someone had soaked vegetables in corn flour and water and then served. The other 2 dishes were also very bland. Halfway through our meals we discovered a medium sized beetle in one of the dishes. We called the restaurant and told them about the quality of the food and the bug. They did offered to refund the meal with the bug when we came in next which I suppose is some consolation, however we will not be returning. It is very rare for me to take the time out to write a negative review on anything, but Ho Wah fell way, way below par. Keith Buck

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