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Woy Woy Station



Woy Woy Hotel

Gourmet33 The Boulevarde, Woy Woy

Drive-through bottleshop is a blessing, and the beer in the bars are always icy cold! I believe that a previous reviewer has confused this pub with another one in the area, as the Woy Woy hotel closes at midnight, not 3am as previously stated.Em Mc

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Great location for a beer. Pelicans is lovely restaurant with great service.Ken Rogers

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yaa kicked me out after twenty beerz wats that about A Google User

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An absolute joke of a place. Over expensive beer. Loud offensive swearing everywhere. Then when the band started it was far too loud. Then at 3 AM the drunks spill out to carry on. A dump and a hole robin ford

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KB Thai

Gourmet1/115 Blackwall Road, Woy Woy

Always great food and the prices are very reasonable. The banquet is great, but make sure you are hungry!!Dylan Benson

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This is the Fourth time I have been to this Thai Restaurant, 2 x times I phone ordered ahead and the food was ready on time, one I ordered and they even offered to bring to my car parked on the street outside, and service was very quick, and one time some friends and I shared a table one evening. I haven't been able to fault them. I have been to Thailand a few times and I am someone who prefers Australia Thai which doesn't tend to be as Spicey as the original, though I don't often order hot spicy food off their menu. Tonight I had Goong (Prawn) fried rice with vegetables and some Money Bags and Spring rolls.. Everything was cooked to perfection and the prawns were fresh and tasted great. I would recommend this place to my friends.A Google User

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The owner was so rude to my wife, we had to get up and walk out. If you like to be screamed at and abused for asking questions about the menu, then this is the place for you. Nick C

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KB Thai is often mentioned as being a good Thai place to eat at. My first complaint is not of the food but a basic service issue. KB Thai welcome to 2014, 99% of businesses now have eftpos available. Please join the rest of us soon. Not sure if your trying to run a cash only business ( hello ATO ) or your just being really tight ( an eftpos machine costs about $50 a month and .30 cents a transaction ) But to put an ATM in your foyer which you you make money off and charge people $2.80 to take out cash really stinks. I won't be back because of this and also the Panang curry sauce is really weak and tasteless. Brett Seargent

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