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Asquith Station



Louie's Chinese Restaurant

Gourmet365 Pacific Hwy, Asquith

Honest food at the right price. This is not a fancy place or flash food, but it is more than edible and cheap. If you can't get over ordering or waiting in a stark corridor, then phone your take away order through and just pick it up. Simple food prepared well, we will come back.A Google User

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The food is reasonably priced, sauce available, cooking good flavorsome, polite people, large choice...Douglas Chirnside

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Disgusting. Expensive for what you're getting. Staff are rude. Restaurant is extremely cramped. Just eat at the Indian place down the road, or go to another suburb if you want some decent Asian food. It's kind of sad living so far from the city where you can get some decent Asian food at reasonable prices. There is a great looking panorama picture of the restaurant in Google Maps, however it certainly did not look anywhere near as clean when I visited it. The people singing praise about this restaurant are clearly fake or have no sense of taste.Robert Hannah

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I don't know who's been giving this place high marks. They must be joking. No seating. DIY decor, and the ONLY thing fresh is the M.S.G. Last time I ate food from here I was ill. A Google User

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GourmetPacific HWY & Amor st., Corner Amor Street & Pacific Highway, Asquith

We drove through the drive through at around 7pm and ordered a dinner box for the family. I was informed that the chicken was being cooked and would be a 3-5 minute wait. I thought that was reasonable for fresh cooked chicken so we paid and then pulled into the waiting bay. We then sat in the waiting bay as another car pulled up beside us to wait. We then waited for about 35-40 minutes when the employee walked out with the car next ours meal. So we had been waiting longer and they got theirs first! I then asked the girl how much longer did we have to wait and why did they get theirs first to which she said they didnt have enough chicken for ours so they served other first and we had to wait another 10-15 minutes. I then asked for my money back instead. She then took another 10 minutes to come back with my money. I couldnt believe that no body had communicated with us for the entire time, that cooking chicken for us took so long and that we were made to wait while they served other people. I think waiting over an hour in total to get our meals would have been rediculous. Also being told lies about waiting time was disgusting business. I sincerely hope you repremand this store because we will not be going to KFC for our regular fast food tuesdays with the family. We then went to MCdonalds and not only did we not have to wait but they served us with a smile, asked if we needed anything else like extra napkins. I really hope you raise your standard before you lose extra customer!Matthew Holobrodskyj

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I ordered a Group meal with a few extras burger etc, and was told to wait for 15 mins for the chicken to be cooked. Fair enough. After 30 mins in the car I went inside to inquire about my order and noticed that they put in a potato gravy which was supposed to be exchanged for chips. I asked the young teenager if I could get the gravy exchanged for chips as had been in the order, however she took a peek inside the bag and told me that I had enough chips so there is no need for the potato gravy. Stunned I left the store only to realise that the oil soaked through the paper bag onto the car seat (what happened to the plastic ones??). Arrived home to find out that they failed to put the burger in, however some genius put the receipt, condiments and paper napkins underneath the seeping box of chicken destroying the receipt as the printing was incomprehensible. WORST experience ever! On the plus side the chips were good, but that is about it. If you do consider going to this food outlet make sure you check your order not once but twice. Alex Lee

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Staff were not polite at all. Chips were cold and old. Chicken strips snack box only came with one small piece of chicken. Very bad experienceJaden Roberts

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I'll preface this review in stating that I am considered to be somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to KFC. I have experienced many KFC outlets from all over the country. I thus feel more than qualified to pen this review. Due to working in the area, I often find myself at the Asquith store. Service is horrible 99% of the time. Consistently bad. Always end up having to wait for the most basic of orders. This store is well known locally for getting your drive thru order wrong - been burnt numerous times. Chicken pieces are often put in the deep fryer a second or third time to warm them up - resulting in a dry and crusty chicken. This outlet has had a bad reputation for years, I'm surprised they are still in business. The locals stay away.Qmax Vindaloo

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