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Gordon Station



Fujiya Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant

Gourmet785 Pacific Highway, Gordon

Fantastic service, "proper" Tepanyaki. Can be a bit noisy weekends with kids parties etc. so we go during the week. Certainly one of the best Japanese Restaurants outside of the CBD. Opens at 5.00pm so great for early birds as well.A Google User

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So much more enjoyable than traditional a la carte dining. The staff are friendly and engaging. The atmosphere is simple and can get a little noisy but this adds to the sense of it being an event. The food is scrumptious. No matter what day of the week the seafood is fresh. The red meat is amazing - you don't see this quality in the typical butcher-shop window. The chefs will engage at an appropriate level, putting on a show if it's a birthday or there are children present, but being quiet and restrained when the occasion calls for it.Andrew Robjohns

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Great food, friendly staff, lovely decor and awesome touch screen ordering system.Jesse Higginson

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Lots of noisy teppanyaki fun, staffed by great crew, beef was unusually soft and succulent. Kids, adults all had fun. I suggest have the set menu $ 35 per head. We felt comfortably full and it was delicious. Time and money well spent. John Dean

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Thai Tucka

Gourmet758 Pacific Highway, Gordon

Best Mussaman Beef in Sydney. And I'm not even joking. I used to only eat THEIR Mussaman Beef and now I'm on a quest to try to find a better one. I'm still looking.A Google User

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This is easily my favourite restaurant in the area. If you want some delicious food, a great atmosphere and some fantastic service, this is the place for you.Daniel Ashby

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Thai Tucker has excellent food that is very reasonable in price and one of the best food and curries in the north shore. Priced per head at around $20-$30 a person (though under $20 a person can be achieved), the Green and Red curry is a MUST order. Thai Tucker doesn't have the best restaurant fitouts, but if you do not mind this, then this is an excellent restaurantFelix Leung

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Prices are a bit steep compared to other Thai places, and the food seemed a bit westernized to me.James Foster

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Gordon Thai Restaurant

Gourmet786 Pacific Highway, Gordon

I am among the worst in picky eating, however I visited this restaurant with some friends after school on a whim and I was pleasantly surprised. We were treated to an absolutely beautiful interior with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and lovely staff who attended to us as soon we entered. Off to a great start. The party of 4 I was in all decided to order an individual dish each and then share them among the group so we could all have ~1/4 of each dish or so and an entree of Spring Rolls. The lunch prices are fantastic for both quantity and quality ($9 for a standard dish and the Spring Rolls were $6 for 4 so we only paid $10.50 each) however I have not yet seen the dinner prices which I am told are higher. The dishes we ordered were in very generous portions (which you can take home if you do not finish it) and through all 4 dishes ordered I did not find a single poor cut of meat (a friend who frequently visits says she's never gotten a bad piece of meat there as well) and I found myself in love with dishes I would usually turn away from. The dishes we ordered were: -Satay Chicken Sticks (5 pieces) -Red Curry w/Beef -Hokkien Noodles w/Chicken -Chicken Massaman Curry -Entree of Spring Rolls (4 pieces) All dishes were well-presented and incredibly well prepared and flavored. I had not a single nitpick the whole afternoon. I'm already counting down the days until I can visit again and try more of their dishes! Alex Whitaker

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Every Tuesday my boss and mum go here for a lunch date. They nearly always order the same thing and my boss brings me back the leftovers. Panang chicken and chicken fried rice. The panang chicken is the most delicious I've ever had and the chicken rice is plain but scrumptious. When I've dined in, (occasionally I'm allowed to crash their date) the staff have been so friendly and accommodating. Hugely recommend this place. I look forward to Tuesdays purely because of this restaurant's glorious panang chicken. Paper Trailing

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So this has really well priced and nice tasting food. They have great lunch time specials and their currys are really good. They also offer great takeaway but the service is always excellent. There can sometimes be a slight delay with food coming from the kitchen but it really good.Andrew Blunt

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Good curries. Unfortunately their krapao doesn't use minced chicken, though.James Foster

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