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Maharani Indian Restaurant

GourmetShop 1 / 2421 Sandgate Road, Boondall

This restraunt has ruined other indian places for me. Its the only place I'll go to now. The butter chicken is amazing.Daniel Friske

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Best Indian Ever!! I used to hate Indian until I tried their spinach and cheese naan bread and amazing butter chicken! Simply must try! Great flavours. Emma Podlich

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Best indian in queensland no doubt abot it. I travel 45 mins for takeaway. Butter chicken best I have ever had. Service very friendly...a real gemRobert Willis

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This is a hidden gem in the north of brisbane, the food is awesome and you may never guess for the look of the place, i have tried 5 different currys and all were delicious, my favourite has to be the lamb saag, is just great :)Jorge Lizama

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Smiths Aquarium

Aquarium2421 Sandgate Road, Boondall

Have been going to this store for a couple of years now and have found their service to be the absolute best in Brisbane, especially for all your cichlid needs. The team go above and beyond to help you in all facets of anything to do with this addictive hobby. The range of products and vast supply of all types of quality fresh water fish is second to none. Mark and his team are always friendly and extremely helpful with any problems that I throw at them. Well recommended. Glenn Shaw

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Best Fresh water specimens in Brisbane, well set up and laid out friendly and knowledgeable staff and better yet 5 minutes from my house!Shane Scheikowski

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No doubt the most comprehensive range of Cichlids in Qld for one store, but sadly dear as poison since Bill sold it on. I really do appreciate their excellent advise but that service is what should make me come back for more, don't feel the need to incorporate it into the prices. Unfortunately I have now become a "just looking" customer after 20 years.Luke H

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They have a great knowledge of fish and a decent range and very well presented store, prices are fairly high end though. I find it fairly disappointing that you pay high end prices with their expert advice on what fish will work 'together' and told you can return a fish if it doesn't 'suit' but when you do return your fish promptly you are given half the money back. That's a little insulting to loyal customers who spend hundreds upon hundreds regularly and rely on expert advice to make their aquariums 'work'. Staff failed to mention this credit policy. Unfortunately I won't return.A Google User

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Pizza Plaza

Gourmet7/2281 Sandgate Road, Boondall

Simply awesome !! Loved the gourmet vegetarian pizza... One of the best pizza's I have ever had in life :)Anumeha Jain Ahuja

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Living in a small country town that is Brisbane, especially north Brisbane, it is a hard task to find something that is even remotely exotic food wise. So imagine my surprise to find the irony of having some of the best ribs I've ever tasted in a small pizza place down the road. The pizza's are great, a bit pricey than your normal chain pizza places but it is worth the price of admission. To be honest, I'd be a happy man if they just sold the ribs on their own. Sean Mitiska

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So amazing! We also tried the ribs in hickory smoked. I will never go anywhere else again. I have found my friday night take away. The ribs were so tender. Pizzas were perfect! michelle geritz

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Have been living in Boondall for almost 8 yrs been ordering Pizza Plaza since we moved here/since they opened.I have had the odd bad order , but nothing as bad until tonight!!!!!! ,One of the pieces of my order was a potato Pack and it was the worst I'd ever had,no ceamy potato and bacon mix! it was a complete mess of over cooked potato slop, very nasty stuff. I tried ringing the shop were I had ordered and surprise surprise they were closed not very happy. I will await a reply and I will be contacting the owners !!!!when I tried to ring to complainDenise Cook

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