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Surfers Paradise North station



Black Coffee Lyrics

Gourmet3131 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise

I love their Cappuccino. I had two. The only thing I don't like is the decor. DARK, dim, or black colour board is no good. It is just the opposite of uplifting feeling that coffee brings out. The shop does not have to use 'dim' theme to match with the name "Black Coffee Lyrics". Maybe they can consider medium dark brown.Alan W

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amazing coffee, great atmosphere, staff are welcoming and lovely. Samantha Randall

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What a hidden gem!!! Had the best breakfast ever here 🙏 love, love, loved it!!!Trishee Wishee

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I did like the general atmosphere and book tower and the staff were nice. Buuut too indie. The paintings opposite the table were of impressionistesque disfigured human heads . One possibly with ulcers on its face. Most certainly not appetizing and unclear why they hung two of those to stare at customers The lights were too dim, menu hard to read , and lights faded in and out , the coffee was weak, the chairs and bench uncomfortable if you're tall. (Yes, let's remove more posts out of the chair backs to seem indie) The seafood pizza was overall not bad, but the salmon had more of a fishy flavor than expected, making it an acquired taste. Seafood topping wise pretty sure it was just salmon. They seem to serve pizzas only 5-6suns Waiter kept calling me 'dude' Vlad S

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Stingray Lounge

Gourmet7 Staghorn Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Best bar on the Gold Coast. Hot girls and a great atmosphere.Adam John

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I love this place! They've always got fun specials on like Taco Tuesday ($3 tacos, need I say more) and it's pretty much the nicest venue on the GC. Staff are really cool and the cocktails are great. Prices are reasonable and the music is awesome. Monique Clark

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Benihana Japanese Steak House

Gourmet3/158 Ferny Avenue, Surfers Paradise

The food was delish, and the entertainment was hilarious! These guys know how to cook and put on a show. I'm heading back there soon that's for sure :)Dani O

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Awesome experience!!!! Loved chef Magic Mike! He was so much fun and entertaining! The food was great! Highly recommended! :)Josie Faust

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Always great. Food is superb, chefs are skilled and entertaining. It is a loud environment so probably not for the elderly or young but I would recommend to anyone else. Prices are around $40-50 for a banquet menu which includes plenty of food.Tom Gilmartin

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We dine here up until now an average of twice a year. Last night we had a table of 8 to celebrate 3 birthdays in May. The food was as it has always been. Last night our chef was quiet and not entertaining. Perhaps she was quiet as the noise from thew next table became daunting. A group of adults taking up 2 tables ? conference (some had tags) became very noisy and painful. overshadowing any experience at our table. One of my children said" this is why people don't like Australians ... drunk and loud. They sang Happy birthday to Brian a total of 7 times. They also overshadowed our own singing of happy birthday to our table... it became another loud happy birthday to Brian. We spoke of our outing this morning. No one wants to go back there again. The cost for 8 people at our table (2 children included) was $670. Not an experience anyone wants to repeat. The service after our chef left was also very slow.kim Mason

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