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Swanbourne Station



Swanbourne Station


Good trainstation. Near heaps of amenities and good easy access. The locals here are really friendly.Kane Joseph

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Gym142A Railway Street, Claremont

This is a special place to practice yoga. Such a safe inviting and inspiring studio. Credit to the fabulous teachers- such a wealth of experience and knowledge. Thank you SunSalute for guiding and inspiring me to be a better yogi xAshlee Cremasco

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SunSalute is a rare gem on Perth's yoga landscape. As well as being one of the few studios around to offer daily traditional Mysore-style classes, it has a team of amazing teachers who are dedicated to their students and the practice of yoga both on the mat and in the wider world. It's not an overstatement to say the experience will change your life.Layla Tucak

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Take my word for it, Sunsalute is the best yoga center I have ever went to. I joined Sunsalute 6 months ago and all the trainers here are so inspirational. They are all perfect at teaching yoga. These guys know what they are doing.Russel Napier

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One of the best studios I've been to across the world! I've been doing yoga for about 18 years across canada, australia, singapore, bangkok ... and I have to say for the combination of class style, teachers and studio this is such a wonderful place. I had the pleasure of doing Sacha and Sara for 9:30am Vinyasa classes (all levels and intermediate) they both complimented each others' style. Pushing you when you need to be pushed, helpful corrections and a wonderful flow which is varied each class to keep your body and mind engaged. If I could marry a studio it would be this one.rebecca yik

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Gym105 Shenton Road, Swanbourne

Amazing teachers and yogi tribe. Best place to roll out the mat in Perth.Allan Todeschini

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The Yogaworx tribe changed my life! Thanks Mal & Wendy!Mark anderson

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SpaSuites 3 and 4 (on Stirling Road), 40 St Quentin Avenue, Claremont

Dr Imani is a miracle working. He is Hands down the best plastic surgeon when it comes to the face. I had Rhinoplasty my nose was a mess from previous sinus surgeries gone wrong from a different a surgeon and my nose basically collapsed after a few years. Been my face I was so nervous as a surgeon tried to fix my nose inside a few years back but it failed and I didn't want my nose to look worse than it already did, so I did my research I seen 4 surgeons 2 of the 4 said they wouldn't touch my nose and just to leave it as the risk aren't worth it, 1 surgeon agreed to do it but kept discussing further complications and my gut feeling was telling me no. I then seen Dr Imani for a consultation and I knew within a few minutes of talking to him he knew what he was doing, he was the first surgeon to actually look at my nose correctly, examined my nose with this camera so he could see properly what was going on. He said to be able to fix your nose I need to be able to take cartlidge from your ear and build your nose back up not one surgeon mentioned doing this. Dr Imani is also an ENT. I didn't feel rushed at all in my consult I spoke to him about my sinuses whilst I was there and he took the extra time out to call the radiology centre and get results and images sent through turned out some areas that I thought had been fixed from 3 previous sinus surgeries elsewhere hadn't even been touched. He explained everything in depth and let me ask as many questions as I needed and I didn't feel pushed to get out so he could see his next patient. Prior to surgery I had been on antibiotics for about 8 weeks with a bad sinus infection the difference that I feel post op (4 weeks) is amazing I can breathe, apply make up and pressure under the eye area, no more headaches, no more infection, I don't feel like I've been hit by a truck and it's only gonna get better as it's still early days and still have swelling from the combined surgeries. His reception staff are also amazing, professional, friendly and very approachable Lisa in particular helped me so much and went beyond her job description to help with documentation and other medical conditions before surgery went ahead and when I came in for my post op appointment one week later she come down to see me and ask how I'm doing and feeling which I thought was very caring. I know I've wrote abit of a novel but the difference Dr Imani has made in my life and I feel I couldn't thank him enough and highly recommend him to anyone. Make sure you do your research on different surgeons and there experience as your face is such an important feature and I'd hate to see anyone go through what I did for all those years. Thank you so much Dr ImaniDannielle Broadbent

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Dr. Imani is an incredibly gifted surgeon. His expertise, professionalism and compassion immediately put you at ease. Following multiple failed surgeries with other plastic surgeons, I truly thought I would never get the result I wanted and be able to breathe properly again. I am so grateful he took on my case and the result is more than I could have asked for. I has also started using Dr. Imani's skincare which has cleared up my skin within a few days. I have tried so many different products without such immediate results.Katherine Nielsen

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Everyone told me he was the best at what he does and that defiantly put my mind at rest. I can finally breath through my nose. Thank youLuke Mcdermott

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8 weeks on from my functional septorhinoplasty I am very happy with the results. I required a functional septorhinoplasty after a badly broken nose and deviated septum. Comparing the before and after photos is nothing short of amazing. Truly a testament to the talent and skills of Dr. Imani. From my initial consultation to the post operative care Dr. Imani and his team did not fail to impress. Dr. Imani explained the procedure in great detail and addressed any concerns that I had regarding the surgery and the expected results. The surgery itself lasted a little over 2.5 hours and following Dr. Imani's post operative care instructions ensured that any discomfort was kept to a minimum. In fact, there was no actual pain in the nose area only discomfort from congestion which quickly subsided once I began to use the prescribed sinus washes. In all I would not hesitate in recommending Dr. Imani. He has provided me with the results I was looking for, pain free and allowed me to get back to my normal life in a very short time-frame.Patrick Crowley

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