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Apollo Health

Hospital21 Joondalup Drive, Edgewater

Always had a great experience at Apollo until yesturday. Beware when booking an appointment online. They now charge for consults! Not every Dr but it says ' this appointment may incur a fee!!!!!! Well it does incur the fee. I booked before this notice was put up. Had a call to confirm my app and was I happy to pay as it was a private consult appointment!! When I argued my point that at the time of booking it wasn't it got me nowhere. So be warnedJane Downs

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I had the same experience with the previous reviewer, booked on line for general consult on Thursday and someone rang to let me know that my appointment will incur fee as not all Drs are bulk billing their patients. Been to this clinic a few times before and they always bulk billed my consult. I had to cancelled as I know other clinics around my area are bulk billing completely during the week. On their website they said bulk billing practice for medicare card holders but it is simply not true . Be warned!Arianna S

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Do yourself a favour and don't go to this unreliable, unprofessional "health care center" because they are a joke of an organisation. From the reception staff being extremely lazy, don't follow through on any information that is given, even after giving all relevant information, they were still unable to fax the information through to my primary care doctor. And when my doctor called for the results, they couldn't even find them because they don't listen carefully enough, after repeated medicare numbers, they found it ?? Maybe if they had listened carefully, instead of saying no, we don't have them, my doctor wouldn't have had to repeat himself over and over. They are aloof, and not on the ball. Then there's the drs who "work" there, and I've never come across such rude, uninformed doctors who can't even answer a simple question. They get offended if you know more about a situation than they do. Now a good doctor would never take offence to that, because a good doctor is one who is open minded and is interested in learning, as each day as a doctor is another learning experience, so that they can help other patients who may have had similar problems, and they become more aware, and can offer advice on what a patient had said had worked for them. A good Dr is one who cares about each patient and enjoys his field of work. The drs there are a joke. The place wasn't even busy, you can feel their negativity as soon as you walk in. I have never come across drs who do not say "hi, what can i do for you today?" Its walk in, sit down, and get no where. I had a serious medical issue that didn't require emergency, but could've been performed in their office. But the appointment is only 10mins, even though I booked a 2hr appointment, the Dr said it was only a 10min appt and that reception made a mistake" He didn't even apologise for the mistake! They don't enjoy their jobs. Which means, you will not be looked after. On the up side, as I had to give a star to leave this review, the xray and pathology dept are fantastic.Arlia Williams

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I'd give 0 stars for this if it allowed me to. The staff and doctors that work here are the most incompetent people I have ever come across in the medical field. They couldn't help me, after making an appointment, I went somewhere else and they helped me on the spot. Don't go here, you'll only leave disappointed and lose faith within the medical field. There are some brilliant doctors out there, you just won't find them here.Sam Tan

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