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Maharaja Tandoori Cuisine

Gourmet560 High Street, Preston

Real, real good love it there. Only missing two things english breakfast tea and chips Chris Bouquet

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I'm from India and I loved this place. It reminded me of home. I have both dined in and taken away, and apart from a couple of communication quirks with the staff's english, the service and food was second to none that I have tried to date (18/07/2014).Nathan Robinson

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Great food and service! Very friendly. I have since moved away to a heavily Indian-populated area and I'm still yet to find a restaurant as good as this.Trinity JayOne

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The best indian cuisine one can have in melbourne. The staff and service is very nice and the food is delicious.tejveer shishodia

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Revolution Fitness

Gym747 High St, Preston

This gym use to be the best! Until it changed over to GO Fit 24! They steal & lie! So unprofessional! Will not return calls or emails, will only send you a text to 'stop calling the gym' because they are in the wrong & trying to get away with it! They have been stealing 'membership' money out of my account for nearly a year now without my permission! I have been trying to contact them & not one person has had the decency to contact me! I am now going to consumer affairs! I NEVER signed a contact with GO Fit 24 & my Revolution Fitness contract was done! So they STOLE my bank details & my money. You think you can trust people these days,obviously not! Disgusting gym & management! AVOID AVOID AVOID!Madeliene Henderson

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I paid a full year of membership upfront. New management came in recently and demanded that all existing members buy a $30 swipe card or they will no longer have access to the gym. I was away during this transition and wasn't informed of the change. Came back and was denied access to the gym, wouldn't even let me through the gate as a paid member. Contacted management and requested a reimbursement for the rest of my paid membership (2 months) as I was planning to move to a closer gym and not renew my membership. Was flat out refused any reimbursement, and told to basically buy a swipe card or go take a hike. So essentially the new management expect people like me to foot the bill for their own expenses and aren't even willing to reimburse a fully paid member who can't access the gym. That swipe card costs about the same as a month of gym membership. Why should I have to pay that when I'm toward the end of my contact and planning to leave? Lousy customer service. In addition, I found the gym to have a 'flat' vibe, and most of the equipment was out of date. The classes weren't bad though.Manny Cole

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please don't join this GYM. Toilets stink, equip is second hand and not maintained. Worst of all there wont be any service. I have been trying to contact someone from past two months to cancel my membership, but not getting any response. When we speak with staff they ask us to speak with their service manager, who is never available. Uday Kalidindi

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AVOID...!!! This was my favourite place to hangout after work. Then management changed and rebranded the gym to GoFit 24 and everything changed. New management is dodgy. You never know what he comes up with, additional charge half way through your yearly membership, deny access, personal attack and insult. Waste of money!! Yas Yas

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