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Cheltenham Railway Station



Sushi Train

GourmetSt Clair Shopping Centre, 7 Cheltenham Parade, Woodville

Love this place, my girlfriend and I go there at least once a week. Staff are SO friendly and attentive, they also slightly more things to eat compared to Sush Train Port rd.Cameron Grant

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I love this place. The food has been consistently good. Great variety of items. Note: This sushi train costs about 50c more per item than the one at Welland. Jarrah Muller

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You have to love a meal that is delivered to you on a little train. A good fun way to share lunch with friends or family. Make sure you know which colour is the most expensive plate and don't have too many from this selectionJu Smith

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Place is a bit small, so come in early and beat the crowd otherwise you will be standing and waiting for up to 1/2 hour during peak time. Which is a problem on its own, the place is already small and congested so when you have to line up, you're literally standing a metre away from the nearest seated patron and having to at the same time give way to people/staff walking pass all the time. Food is good but somehow don't feel as authentic as the older Sushi Train establishment. We often get take always too if it's too busy. Staff are always nice and friendly, highly recommended.Edgar Chieng

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The Mediterranean Restaurant

GourmetCheltenham Parade

the Mediterranean Restaurant is such a great place to sit back and have a meal or a coffee with family and friends, the staff are friendly and happy people who are very welcoming, the atmosphere is relaxing and warm, oh and the food is so nice, i recommend this place to everyone i know, so if you live near by, i urge you to do your self a favor and go visit them, Darran Anstey

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Very good food with a lovely service every single time!Iryna Sadler

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My husband and I had such a delicious lunch here a couple of days ago to celebrate my birthday. The seafood platter for 2 was more than delicious!! We enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere, attentive friendly waitresses and the coffee was excellent. I would recommend The Mediterranean Restaurant to anyone looking for great food and good service in a relaxed setting, at very affordable prices. We will be back!Jennie Morton

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Came here for dinner tonight and got the mixed grill platter.... It was big and so tasty. The chicken, falafel, chicken parmigiana was amazing... Generous serves and the best crispest chips. Must go here and try the food... Last week had chicken con pollo and the chefs special. Very niceSteven Voroniansky

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The Port Club

Gourmet9 Queen Street, Alberton

Always too much food. Great atmosphere especially when talking footy is on. Oval access is available while the club is open, the little ones love the run, bring a football! Brett Lumsden

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Has a bar and a dinning area as well as all their trophies and medals on display, as well as a hall of fame. Can also purchase season tickets and other memorabilia.David Sarkies

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Friday night I was at an awards dinner where my husband was one of the recipients being honoured. As a result we were invited to receive a complimentary dinner by this hardworking, underfunded organisation. We were seated in a function room with 40 other guests upstairs with a set menu of 5 mains to choose from. So as the waiter came over to take my order I asked if I may have a vegetarian meal as all 5 choices contained meat. The waiter went to "find out if we can do that" and returned with "no, you have to order from the set menu". I explained once again that I was vegetarian so was unable to select from the options but he only offered "we can't, sorry". I helped my making a suggestion that I could order from the standard menu which is served in the restaurant downstairs and they could bring it upstairs and I was also happy to pay full price for the meal. After going off to "find out is we can do that" again the waiter returned with only "no we can't do that". Since there was another person at the table who required a gluten free meal we both decided to go downstairs to the restaurant ourselves where we ordered a meal from the standard menu, waited for it to arrive and then took the meal back upstairs ourselves to sit at our function table. A simple solution which was made unnecessarily complicated by the restaurant. At our table someone was served Beer which had expired - twice! And when he eventually did receive one that wasn't expired it was a different brand, not as expensive and ended up paying more for it than it was worth! My meal was good but there were lots of complaints from others at the table who did order from the set menu. And I won't even mention the sad excuse for a sundae. Gina Brooks

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