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Woodville Park Railway Station



The Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Hospital28 Woodville Rd, Woodville South

July 30! ! Influenza A complicated by bacterial infection effectively causing pneumonia; Lack of oxygen drawing ability!! Thanks to SA Ambulance! ! The hospital had me in Emergency for a while though I was feeling more confident because I was under their annexe. I was soon up in Intensive care, Had a broncoscopy, revealing trouble, and so began my care in intensive care. It was inspirational; and I begin to cry knowing they saved my life. The nurses from all over the world including one from Afghanistan whom then lived in Iran, and others, that my heart went out to. The two male nurses that cared for me the first of which gave me my blood thinner injection not in my stomach but in my right shoulder (Wayne) :) v/; and Albert. Then into the High dependency ward, where I met all the wonderful nurses each 12 hours; including Alice; like out of Alice in wonderland; a wonderful person literally. Then onto the ward S1; Just Thankyou The food was terrific. The oxygen gave ease. All was appropriately taken care of well, and professionally and humanely. It seems to Me, The combination of the professionalism, and the down-to-earthedness of the Adelaide Western Suburbs heart, is well balanced, for proper, humane professional real treatment, care, and cure. I seem to have busted my lung sacks at rear on my right side incredibly which is still sore and similarly to the front! ? ? Today is day 13 since I realized I was in trouble. I'm at home now. The beds are free or otherwize occupied at the hospital. It's a bad year for air-born diseases in this constant cold of Adelaide this year. The weather iz gradually improving as we get closer to Spring; but coping in all conditions Keeping one's self well and doing all one can to help others is the way to be living. The more we care for others the better we are cared for; Try not to pity, and neglectingly abuse yourself. There are many ways to call for help. And many different intimate situations or conditions. This I think is all from me. Do take care and live everyone. ? Malcolm,_Armstrong_ Living alone? Live with company where possible. Be of selfless spirit mind and heart, but get what you need. The Lord iz my Shepherd; but I make my choices. :) Malcolm Armstrong

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Notice for the Respirtory Outpatients section Gave Notice to QEH by letter of new address for Robert william James 23/09/54 New Address: & Sandra Avenue Rostrevor SA 5073 Old Address 3 Brigalow Avenue Kensington Gardens Sa 5068 Could you please change records to New Address Please Regards Bob U.R No: 221300Robert James

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I don't know why I didn't do this review year ago, when I was admitted! I was brought in by ambulance as an emergency , having a heart attack . Not only were the paramedics exemplary and certainly saved my life ( I have commended them separately to the Ambulance service ) but from the moment I was received to the moment I left a few days later, treatment was fast, efficient , good humoured and all that one could wish - well maybe I could have done without one of the heart ward doctors saying "now this is going to hurt" and then going away for 15 minutes before she came back and did the thing , which did indeed hurt . Still, not much to complain about I guess . Down in the 'stent shop' where they first take you, I don't remember much , except that I actually felt safe, despite all the stuff going on, just like the tv! Up in the ward, great nursing, and doctoring and explanations about damage to heart and drugs and all the sort of stuff you need to leave with . And afterwards , the Cardiac Rehab programme, absolutely free and very, very good , great gym, lectures and follow up.sema4dogz

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Midwest Health

Hospital678 Port Road, Beverley

Wonderful people offering you the best!!! The Zambito Family ;-) xxx A Google User

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Rainer L needs to chill al little! I was a new patients, and yes I waited a little but I've found myself waiting at many other Drs surgeries too. It's a result of getting good service. Quite frankly I'd rather wait and get GOOD PERSONALISED MEDICAL ADVICE then be pushed through and given the same treatment as everyone else before and after me. I'll definitely go back there. Front reception staff were friendly and I really liked the Doc I saw.Molly Fifi

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It's ok if you don't mind waiting for ages. Sure! You get quality services ones you enter the Doctors room. But that does not cut it with me. If I need to wait an 1 hour and 20 minutes to be attended to. On another occasion I waited around one hour. I could not wait any longer and left in a disgruntled mood. Then just recently my appointment was deferred ones. Got there as per second arranged appointment only to be told that it was cancelled again and they could not contact my mobile number. I showed that my Mobile Phone was working correctly and no missed calls are recorded. Absolutely useless! If they can not attend to their Patients within a more reasonable time then they should not take on so many. I am off to seek another service else where. Good luck!Rainer L

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Greater Union Arndale Cinemas

CinemaGreater Union, 420 Cnr Torrens & Regency Rd, Kilkenny, SA 5009

Love going here clean and quiet considering I like going after the mad rush has died down a bit I have had no problems and seen quite a few movies at this cinemaBrad Baker

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No problems with this cinema. I possibly go there too often that I'm hanging out for new movies to come out all the time.Luke Allen

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I've seen quite a few movies at Greater Union Arndale. The cinemas are reasonably modern and reasonably clean. They aren't the biggest cinemas i've seen, nor are they the smallest. They also aren't as badly maintained as Reading Cinemas at West Lakes. The staff are average (no awards for friendly smiles or exceeding customer expectations). They are worth visiting if you're in the area. The only cinema that has impressed me so far is Norwood. That was a combination of large screen, HFR technology and friendly staff. Oh - I've never seen any car thieves (let alone a car thief) at Arndale. This can happen anywhere, but to say that a patron often sees car thieves in the area sounds like an exaggeration to me.Walter B

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Used to go there but no more. I am done with them. Their service has dropped substantially. One must line up with All the others who want to purchase stuff from the Counter just in order to purchase a Ticket!!! I complained but the Manager was not interested and tried to wash it down as a non issue. Non issue for her because she is part of the Buck making mechanism but a big issue for people who are left waiting unnecessarily in order to purchase a ticket. Keep it simple and Customer friendly. One or two Lines for purchasing a Ticket and keep your Goodies Counter separate. Been going to Mitcham, Piccadilly > They are Great in comparison.Rainer L

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