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The Playford

Gourmet120 North Terrace, Adelaide

Me and my partner booked the studio spa suite for new years Eve (which is also our anniversary), upon arrival and check in, the receptionist let me know that I had actually booked the wrong date! I booked the 31st of January instead! We was absolutely devastated, and my night was almost ruined, but the manager (Reece) managed to work out some great deals for us to stay the corresponding two nights instead, with complimentary parking and breakfast. They also gave us a full refund for the mistake I had made (which they didn't need to do). Absolutely terrific customer service! 5 stars! Nik Bray

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What a great evening meal. A relaxed but formal atmosphere was perfect for the end of a long day. The food is great but the service is outstanding! Con made the entire experience so wonderful. Shane Booker

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Walking into the Playford Sebel in Adelaide is like walking into your own home with one major exception, there are multiple people willing to serve you and make you as comfortable as possible. From the front desk service is prompt, valet is charming and right on the go willing to handle your bags with ease and handle your car. Heading to the bar for a drink before heading to the room is a great way to unwind as your luggage will have been brought up for you. And if your lucky enough as I was on my stay I got upgraded from a playford king room to a suite with an amazing separate lounge, spa bath, separate shower with two shower heads, a kitchenette and coffee cap machine. I have not yet enjoyed the pool or gym but these are open 24hrs. The food is top quality, room service was prompt I was told 30 min wait and it was on time, hot and served beautifully. I love that they also support local regions by sourcing locally made foods and beers. I love the on screen account and welcome message, I find this very classy and personal, making one feel taken of and pampered in a way. The location is the next best thing, the tram is a mere 1 minute away, or walk up the alley and up hindley street to rundle mall, the convention centre is directly across the road, the entertainment centre is a short drive away but why drive when you can catch a free tram. If you can get a room in this place take it, the experience of all that it has to offer is one that should not be missed.cara mello

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The Sebel Playford is one of the Mirvac properties acquired by Accor. Given that, it doesn't quite have the modern and updated feel of most Accor hotels, but is certainly still nice and good value for money. The buffet breakfast itself was great (loads of fresh fruit!) and the free coffee vouchers are a great start to the day!Nick Macrae

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Gourmet140 North Terrace, Adelaide

Wait staff service were excellent, food was hands down the best Italian food I've had between Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney, definitely coming back to this restaurant next time I'm in Adelaide.Ann Xiao

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American on business and I loved this place before I even ordered. The staff is excellent and the food is spectacular! I certainly will return before I leave. Shane Booker

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The best Italian meal & service we have had anywhere.Sue Zanchettta

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Really tasty options and huge portions. We wanted everything on the menu and already want to go back.Alison Pope

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Gourmet12 Leigh Street, Adelaide

I am again finding myself rating 5 stars for truly excellent service and fabulous food ! My gorgeous hubby took me to Casablabla for our Anniversary 15 Years. The food was soooo tasty the prices were so reasonable and service so fast and friendly. They have Tapas tasting plates you can share with a European flair and you must try the Pork Belly and the Pumpkin and Lentil fritters Yumola ! Ole ! Thankyou my darling hubby and thankyou Casablabla we will be back.Sandy Andreopoulos

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Best restaurant in Adelaide that I've been to so far. Epic food, reasonable service. The atmosphere was amazing, and the attention to detail really showed. Good one.oscar chambers

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Wow, what a place. Fantastic atmosphere. Dance and don't feel shy. I really enjoyed this place. Yea, service a bit awkward and maybe wasn't obvious what was available, but I'd definitely go there again. Better with a few friends.ishu anil

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Appalling service. NEVER COME HERE FOR DINNER, UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE CRAP AND STAY HUNGRY They would rather make money over providing a good service. Just plain greedy and lack of class in their service. Arrived here for dinner on a Saturday night out for my birthday and they said they did not have a booking for me (even though I have email confirmation from them that they received my booking request). After many minutes of checking through their emails, did they find my booking and they got it wrong of course (don't know how they can get it wrong, especially as it was them that sent me an email confirming the booking). Fine, human error. I forgive them for a terrible start to the night. Ordered food. Yes, it's true. Over-priced for what you are getting, miniscule serving sizes, average food. I can eat at a 5 star hotel and have a gourmet entree with a greater serving size (fine, it's tapas style, so ok, can't blame them for that). When they took the booking, they wanted a credit card. Now, no under no conditions did their staff explain to me why they needed a credit card. They said they just needed it. (I thought ok , well i can give it to them for security). So I handed it over and said, "under no circumstances, are you to use my card, as there is not enough money on it, I will pay in cash." And so we paid in cash, but they kept insisting that they did not want to settle the 'drinks" bill, even though we had said we will not pay for everything in cash. So the night passed by, and they used my credit card (without my permission,) to finalise the transaction (which we wanted to do in cash, but they said, no you can wait (they want us to get more drinks)). I did not give them permission to use my card (cos there was not enough money on it, and now my account has overdrawn leaving me with a negative balance). So I made a complaint, and they said, "oh, well when we gave you the "table number card", at the back of this card, there are conditions written on it, which says at the end of the night, all accounts will be settled with the credit card you gave us"...........well, how was i supposed to know? Staff did not explain, why they were taken my card (should never have given it to them), didn't listen to my advice to not use the card, didn't listen that we wanted to pay in cash, and used my card without my permission (not not taking out my visa card anywhere now because with Paypass, they can just tap it, and use it with signature or pin). Very unprofessional, and said it was my fault, I didn't ask for my card back. And that I should have read the back of the table number card (it's the size of a small business card). Well how do I KNOW to read something if I didn't know it was there in the first place??) Used to go to this place for drinks and live music and dancing, but never again, especially not for dinner. Service degraded, and just out to get money from you (prob cos they can't make money from the music). Christina Phung

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