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West Leederville



J.B. O'Reilly's

Gourmet99 Cambridge Street, West Leederville

Great atmosphere! So much stuff on the walls to look at. Good food, great Guinness, awesome staff!Alex Canion

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The top selling Guinness pub in Australia for the last consecutive six years says everything!Matthew Johnstone-Summers

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Good atmosphere pub. Supposed to have the best Guinness in Perth. Andrew Porter

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Patersons Stadium

StadiumSubiaco Rd, Subiaco

WCE are definetly the best team there. Great stadium!Daniel Markham

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Great to go watch some football. Stadium could do with some upgrades thats for sure, but non the less not a disappointment when going to watch the game.Callum Barton

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Its very outdated with tired facilities so if you want to visit a great stadium with the best atmosphere and facilities then ADELAIDE OVAL is the way to go. Thoroughly recommend it.Scotty D

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Worst stadium in Australia. The new stadium at Burswood can't come sooner. Subi is outdated and old, very old Victor Yong

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Princess Margaret Hospital for Children

HospitalRoberts Road, Subiaco

Best hospital for children we had a great experience here and our children were very taken care of.... Felt safe outside the hospitalChris Urry

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I cannot praise the doctor and nurses enough - they were absolutely wonderful. My little girl had to have a blood test and it was uneventful and not at all stressful. She loved it so much there she wasn't in a hurry to come home. They were thorough and reassuring - an all round pleasant experience.Gladys Quintal

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This Emergency Department services are a joke. They definitely need new patient management or Dep of health need to review its procedures. Kim Thatmun

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my child was sick for over six weeks with sever caugh and sent home everytime ... countless visits to pmh ... until she got worst.. xray showed pneumonia .. sent her home with antibiotics which wasn't working.. my child was screaming from pain day and night.. days of school ..gave her another antibiotics wasn't working.. countless visits to PMH ..SENT HOME!!! gps .. nurse line.. ambulance twice..until my child started to vomit blood then she was admitted!!! stayed few nights in hospital ..was given the strongest antibiotics wasn't working to start with!! left too long with illness FOR MONTHS!! how can you treat a child like this ..why so many doctors missed her pneumonia i need answers not a letter of apology.. i will never forget the nights when she couldn't bear the pain and i couldn't hug her because her chest was so inflamed!! i just cried next to her didnt' know what to do .. a senior doctor made fun of me he said mum is it the 20th time you are here in hospital?.. SHAME Lola Aoun

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Popular Menu

  • J.B. O'Reilly's
  • King Of Taste Indian Restaurant
  • Zaikaa Indian Continental Cuisine

Inexpensive Dining

  • The Vic Hotel
  • J.B. O'Reillys
  • Black Toms Bar & Grill
  • Delisio
  • Divino Bistro Restaurant/Pizzeria & Takeaway


Amusement park

  • Hey Presto
  • Sparkles Childrens Entertainer


  • Arome Medi Spa


  • Patersons Stadium

City hall

  • Leederville Town Hall


  • Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
  • Abbotsford Private Hospital
  • Cambridge Medical Practice
  • Dr Clair Lawson & Associates Clinical Psychologists
  • Psychiatry

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