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Christies Too Fish & Chips

Gourmet91 Kedron Park Road, Wooloowin

Good Friday 2012 - Just had takeaway Fish Burgers and Homemade Potato Scallops. Fast Service and Delicious. Highly recommended. Will be returning again before Good Friday 2013!!!A Google User

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It's my local and it's bad ass awesome. I get the crumbed cod every time. Cuz I'm a mfkn gangsta .Alexander Gransbury

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This is the kind of place that throes on an extra bit of fish when you ask for 2. Awesome place. Bill Scriven

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Highly recommended. These guys are no slouches. Get involved and buy yourself a deep fried mars bar! Pill Smith

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Clayfield Medical Centre

Hospital533 Sandgate Rd, Clayfield

Fantastic. My doctor was happy to work with my Naturopath and complement the services I was already using. So wonderful to see consistency through my medical providers, instead of being pushed more and more medication.Amanda Johnson

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After being turned away from three medical centres when I really needed to see a doctor, I was relieved to find a practice so close to home. My GP at Clayfield Medical Centre has been unbelievably diligent in following up all avenues in addressing my health issues - I am very impressed with the service and expertise. The receptionists, by the way, are consistently professional and always friendly. Sometimes appointments run late, but that's the nature of health care! I recommend this practice.Paul Bonner

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Expect long waits, high costs and doctors rushing you out the door. Waited 45mins and was charged $70 for a normal blood test result (2 min consult) that could have been given over the phone.Claire Debats

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Kedron Park 7 Day Medical Centre

Hospital136 Gympie Rd, Kedron

i have used other doctors at this centre and found that some are ok and other well could be better. I have found one great doctor who really cares and puts his time in even after you leave trying to find the best thing for you. He has helped me alot over the past year ( i have a injury so have needed to go here alot) he bulk bills me (even though he doesnt have too they normally charge)as he knows my treatment is closting me alot. He makes phone calls to other doctors even when im not around to help with my treatment. In is a pain to wait for as he usually runs late but that is because he takes the time to really listen and find out whats wrong!! he has brought me in for anywhere from 10mins to 1hr and a half and has always charged the same way (bulk billed) If you really have a problem then this is the way to go! A Google User

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I've always been very happy with this medical centre and the doctors are very nice. I've seen a few of the doctors now and not one of them has been rude or unkind - they are all very lovely. The waiting time is generally really good and they always have a lot of doctors on staff and appointment availability. Great medical centre!Annie Maynes

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I used the female doctor here and I recieved the worst treatment that I ever have from a doctorA Google User

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Made an appointment at 2 pm for 3:15 pm. I arrived early and waited over an hour. I made an inquiry at the desk as to how much longer I would have to wait and was told that there was 2 more patients who each had a 30 min consultation (1 more hour). I felt that this was very rude and an unfair waste of my time. They clearly knew that the could not make good my appointment time when I initially booked. They also chage $85 and don't bulk bill on weekends. I wont bother again!A Google User

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