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J.B. O'Reilly's

Gourmet99 Cambridge Street, West Leederville

Great atmosphere! So much stuff on the walls to look at. Good food, great Guinness, awesome staff!Alex Canion

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The top selling Guinness pub in Australia for the last consecutive six years says everything!Matthew Johnstone-Summers

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Good atmosphere pub. Supposed to have the best Guinness in Perth. Andrew Porter

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Ria Malaysian Restaurant

Gourmet106 Oxford Street, Leederville

Always great food. For first timers, Rendang Beef, Chinese Shreeded Beef, Mushroom Balls. Get into it!Ben Stokes

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Looks like a two star, tastes like a five star. Cannot fault anything on the menu. The head bartender's cocktail inventions were right on point too. I echo the below poster - first timers have to try the mushroom balls, shredded beef, and rendang. Pear pistachio salad and the peppered squid get a big tick as well. Josh Mark

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We had a table of 10, recommended for all you can eat for $55 each, with a continuous flow of food. To our disappointment, we were serve with the first entrée after 25mins which is only a plate of 7pcs of satay stick and then follow by 2 plates of stir fried beef. then we have to wait approx. 15-20mins for another plate of entrée.......then another 15mins or so for the main. What a disappointment that you had to pay $550 for food only. Would say that the service is not what I expected. Will never go back.Sharon Stratton

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Gourmet662 Newcastle Street, Leederville

It's a cozy restaurant, the staff were attentive and helpful, and the tapas dishes were delicious and unique. The average price per dish was around $17 ($23 for the pork belly dish or barramundi), and the dish size isn't overly big, so the price really adds up quickly. You could get bigger meals elsewhere for the same price, BUT, you really wouldn't get that level of quality, for example the barramundi was cooked to absolute perfection (with a crispy skin that was beautiful yet not a hint of being burnt). By the way, I loved the donut balls for dessert, really delicious. Overall, I'd come back (and try to bring along more friends so we could try more plates), but it's more of a special occasion type of restaurant rather than casual cheap dining. Well, unless if you want to eat like a bird, in which case it would be cheap enough!Hayley Cullen

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we had dinner at 8:30ish 11th april 15 it was my 3-4 time in duende as invited back by friends. we had squid, pork belly, Patatas bravas, artichoke and a chorizo platter. The only disappointing item was the patatas, pretty bland.... though the accompanying salsa was great. Pork belly was spectacular squid different and well cooked. I had a great gin and tonic with a generous measure. the over all bill for 4 people was a little on the high side for my liking but I will visit again and recommend at least one visit :-)Tim Monahan

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Whilst the wine list is quite pricey, the food and atmosphere are truly special. If you haven't given Duende a go, I would put on your wish list!Gary Robertson

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Slow and expensive Took nearly 3 hours to get just 4 tapas dishes. It was four of us so each dish was a little extra but even so, over $30 for one dish is over the top. Never again.Brendan Bongiovanni

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