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Curry Heaven

Gourmet2/88 Buckland Road, Nundah

Very good. If you want authentic Indian food, you should go here especially biriyani. Curries are not westernised by adding cream. Rakesh O

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Good with a bit of spice. So tasty!Steve Prea

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Nice Food especially Briyani & worth for money :) Good one at North side... satheeskumar loganathan

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Its ok is an accurate rating. Curries are a bit bland and watery, not creamy. Place is cheap and clean though. But probably wouldn't come back. Michael Trudgeon Mesen

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Sushi Station

Gourmet1015 Sandgate Road, Nundah

Such wonderful reception. Really great welcome. Caters for gluten free with their soy sauce.. love it..Amanda Johnson

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I heard a rumour these guys got in trouble for serving Ibis. I guess it would have been organic. Hahaha. No but seriously, that's what I heard. And I still go here anyway because it's got a nice atmosphere, free green tea, yummy sushi and other choices.Casey D

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Not great and not bad either. Reasonably priced and friendly staff. Great If you want something to eat, but not too fussy.A Google User

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terrible. food is old and stale and some of it quite pricey. will never go back, so bloody disappointed and wasted my money on crap. david jones

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Siam Dragon

Gourmet1185 Sandgate Road, Nundah

We at here last night the place was warm and friendly . we presented our voucher and were guided to a table . The gentleman was warm and friendly ed us through the and even cracked a joke he then guided us through the us of the voucher we got 2 $6.90 entrees and 2 main dishes with selection of beef chicken or vegie dish . 2 bowls of ice cream rice was not included but that was ok as i only like fried rice . the entrees were great and the main were prefect . the place was busy and the phone was ring alot . the reviews I have read are not what i saw last night and I do not believe a word recommend to others they even now have a app which i download . I think our people are a little jealous of how this place is going and other places in the street are quiteterry buckle

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Well what can I say, I went with 3 of my mates with a Cudo deal which we thought was supposed to be all you could eat entree and mains but it wasn't. We ordered one entree each which we were told we had to finish before we could order more then we asked to order more entrees and were told no you only get one lot of entrees you can order mains now. Rice doesn't come with curry it's an extra. (ok) One of my friends asked what he would recommend to eat (what's your favorite main) to that he replied "The Door". We were confused as to what this meant, we thought he wanted us to leave but he then went on to say that all he would chose at the end of the day is to go home. We joked and said yeah we just want to go home at the end of a hard working day too. To that he replied "Well you don't work a 15 hour day 7 days a week". Boo Hoo buddy. It's your business, hire more people if it's too much for you. Maybe if you were nicer you'd get more people in to eat your amazing food. After this experience I can say I'm never eating here again. We got take-a-way the day before (called up and pre-ordered) and we were not served when we walked in the door. We were ignored, people that walked in after us were served first. I could go on but it's just not worth the time to write the rest of what happened. In closing, great food but a terrible owner with no manners, the other girl serving was lovely. Fi Gam

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We tried Siam Dragon for the first time last night and were beyond annoyed when we were told that there was a set entree and a minimal selection of main - to use with our prepaid voucher. We were served by a young girl (looked between 10-12 years old), who i can only assume was the daughter of the owners. She was fantastic and we later tipped her for her efforts, however it made it impossible to complain about our dining options (unless you wanted to feel like being a complete ogre to a little girl). Entree was a 'Tom Yum Soup', which could only be described as 'red water' which was completely flavourless, with a couple slices of bland chicken and a sliced up mushroom. We picked out some of the chicken, but didn't touch the rest. AWFUL to say the least. Mains were acceptable and what you would expect from a corner-store Thai takeaway. We had to pay extra for rice - which was provided in one small bowl, but we were charged for 'two servings'. When we finally finished up and paid (for all our additional items, that were meant to be included in our voucher), there was a sloppy man running the show behind the scenes, who didn't even acknowledge us as customers. He was barking orders at the young girl, was incredibly rude - and the word 'Slob' would be an understatement. We were extremely unsatisfied to utilise our 'discount voucher' when the meals were not discounted whatsoever - and we had to purchase additional items just to get through the experience. Siam Dragon are falsely advertising by not stipulating their terms and conditions clearly on the online voucher websites. If they want to attract customers, they need to fulfil the T&C's if they want to retain them! Exceptionally unhappy, and will be telling everyone we know NOT to go there.Dario Hogg

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I bought a voucher for this place and booked within the time frame required but when I arrived with my partner on the night the restaurant was closed. We contacted the website we bought it from and were told to rebook.. which we did. When we turned up tonight (to an empty restaurant may I add) we were approached by the owner (?) who did not greet us in a friendly manner but rather rudely told us our voucher was expired. After telling him why, he checked for our original booking but "couldn't find it" and turned us away. The way in which he dealt with the situation was the worst customer service I have ever experienced, definitely won't be going back! I don't mind too much, another one of my family members went there a few weeks earlier and told me she was very disappointed with the quality of the food. In conclusion, the owner is rude and lacks basic customer service skills, the décor is average and I have heard the food is below average. I would recommend Siam Sensations instead, I have never had a bad meal there and on our way home we drove past and they were packed inside and out! Kathryn Jones

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