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Martin Place Station



Virgin Active Pitt Street

Spa2/197 Pitt Street, Sydney

You know how some people work out to get a beach body or to stay healthy? Well I work out so I can eat more. Found on the 3rd floor of MidCity by Pitt Street Mall, this place is just over 18 months old and still shiny and squeaky clean. When you walk in you're greeted by super friendly Virgins (Is that the right nomenclature? Or is it Virgin Active employees?) and then you're off to the locker room, but not before passing by a nifty rock wall free for climbing, a cafe, and a terminal of iMac's free for use. The locker room is SWEEEET! I can't speak for the female locker room but I assume it's nearly identical to the male one. There's ample space and you don't need to bring a lock or anything. You simply punch in a 4 digit code, and it'll lock. Punch in the same code and it'll unlock. The locker rooms also have hair dryers for use as well as the standard showers and toilets. There's an initial signup fee which is something like $130, but the benefit of Virgin Active is that there is NO CONTRACT. When you sign up, you get a one week trial period where you can cancel at no cost as well. Membership is flexible, so you can cancel any time and you can book as many classes (well, up to 3 a day) as you want each month. Membership is $58 fortnightly, and you can suspend your membership if you go on holiday. The stipulation with this is the suspension is a minimum of 4 weeks, and you'll be charged $8 fortnightly. Not bad. The machines are new and all the cardio machines have a personal TV attached. The TV's will usually be playing recent house music which is also pumping throughout the gym. There are enough free weights and machines that you don't have to wait too long, if at all and the same goes for the cardio machines. Cardio machines range from elliptical, treadmills, rowing, bicycles, and some I don't know the names of. The gym also houses a pool, sauna, and spa which I haven't used yet. Upon joining you'll get one session with a personal trainer to check your fitness level and to set goals where they'll set a program for you to follow. Afterwards it's up to you to continue meeting with your PT if you want to pay up, or if you have the dedication to continue following your program. The classes here are AWESOME. Except the hip hop class. If you are male and think you'll be breakdancing, popping and locking in this class you will be severely disappointed. I tried it once and I was one of two guys in the class and it consisted of a lot of hip gyrating and sassy moves. After the class I made a bee-line for the exit and questioned my masculinity in the shower. I highly recommend V-Punch, Body Pump (your body will ache for a week), V-Core (you will curse the instructor), and Ki-Max. If the other classes are up to par, then you will be very satisfied. Except the Hip Hop class...Howard Chen

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Forget the high price, make a splash. - Friendly staff (not constantly trying to sales pitch to your friends like other gyms) - Great facilties (pool, spa, sauna, rock climbing, weights galore, and hybrid/new resistance training) - Great classes... - Great nutritious food! (at the cafe thing) Can't loose really.Leigh Masson

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Tried many gyms (fitness first aus square, Ian Thorpe acquatic center, Macquarie Uni sport center), the venues here are just awesome as well as very friendly people. It is in the heart of the shopping mall which is even better. I have joined back and definitely by all time favorite. You pay for what you get.Nick Daze

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Very good gym with great staff and equipment. Wish it was a bit cheaper, but really handy for work right in the middle of Pitt St.Carolyn Knight

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Gourmet2 Ash Street, Sydney

Had the most heavenly meal here recently for a very special occasion. The service was faultless, with a chic Parisian vibe. My go to dish is the rib eye (for two,) which comes laden with the crispiest spuds, a medley of delicious field mushrooms & the most delicious borderlaise sauce. (Nuggety gems of bone marrow included.)Alice Lau

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I couldn't have asked for a more perfect evening. Tucked away in the labyrinth that is Angel Place, Felix lived up to the wonderful reviews I had read prior to visiting. The restaurant had such a charm about it! So much so that I've been raving about it to my friends all week. As busy as it was, the waiters were on the ball and extremely helpful. While the portions were not massive, the food was melt in your mouth delicious. My only regret is that I didn't ask for more bread because the butter was SO GOOD and I could have eaten it all night. Anthony Lewry

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I absolutely loved this very sophisticated restaurant. Despite the fact that I usually tend to prefer the spartan-style restaurants I had a really great lunch experience at the Felix a few weeks ago, just before christmas. The food was absolutely amazing, the wood grilled salmon is highly recommended. For sides: don't miss out on the Pomme Puree! Conveniently located in the CBD, the Felix is the perfect place for a special lunch with colleagues or for a fancy dinner with friends.Carmen Zauss

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Sophicated and devine... The lamb shoulder melted in your mouth and the service was impeccable. Not an everyday dinner option due to the price tag but is perfect for a special occassion.Luca Laver

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Rockpool Bar & Grill

Gourmet66 Hunter Street, Sydney

loved the t-bone here, but the pasta is to die for!Amy zhong

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I still rate the Rockpool as my favourite restaurant in the world. 250g Fillet $55 and the Max n Cheese side dish possibly the finest concoction ever. The bearnaise sauce on the side was light, plentiful and perfect. That meal may be a little rich for some, but worth all those calories. Service exemplary and a superb wine list, even by the glass. Don't forget to make reservations!Gary Haran Doyle

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The famous wagyu beef burger is worth trying and is one of the best burgers in Sydney.Charn Tangson

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After much deliberation on which of the top restaurants in Sydney to go to for my wife's birthday I decided to surprise her with a trip to the Rockpool bar and grill. The decor is beautiful and classic but the high ceiling's do give a slightly cold and impersonal feel to the restaurant. We were instantly welcomed by the all of the staff and cannot fault any of the service we received, the biggest let down however was the food. My wife is a big seafood and fish lover so she decided on one of the white fish on offer and I went for crab pasta. The fish arrived a small overcooked tasteless dry fillet with a tiny helping of spinach. My pasta was also over cooked and bland. Both meals were not what you would expect from the high standard it's known for. We left very quickly after the one course as we were both so disappointed. On a positive side though the wine list is very extensive and vast for wine lovers. The wine we had was beautiful as recommended by our waiter. Overall the meal was vastly over priced and a big disappointment. Dylan Farrell

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