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BodyMindLife Yoga & Pilates

GymLevel 1/84 Mary Street, Sydney

I've only just become a member at BML but have loved every class so far. Beautiful purpose built studio and the classes are out of this world. 75 minutes goes past in a flash and by the end of the session I feel amazing. Yoga will definitely be becoming part of my everyday life :)Alice Mansell

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Wow! This place is amazing!!! I was coming in to the city for a girls night out and sleepover in a hotel and I though what fun it would be if we could combine some afternoon yoga with the dinner and night out so I googled "yoga surry hills sunday" and up came BodyMindLife with, lo and behold, classes all day (Easter Sunday in fact) including a 90 minute one at 4 pm. Absolutely perfect. I was able to book in over the phone. Incredibly cheap I thought at $22 per person. We were able to rent towels and mats for $2 each which was handy seeing as we were "travelling" albeit not far. The purpose built rooms are sort of industrial and clean and open. Everything you need or want is available, including lockers and showers. The instructor we had was Michael who was superb. The 90 minutes was fast paced and demanding, it was an Open class which included all levels. The sweat was pouring. It was fantastic. I absolutely loved it. I couldn't recommend highly enough. I wish I could move to the city so I could visit regularly. What a great place.Amanda Vallis Thompson

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I started off seeing Clare the Kinesiologist and then she inspired me to try out yoga. It was the best decision I've ever made. The studio is so gorgeous, a peaceful haven in the midst of the city's hectic buzz. I highly recommend the Essentials program, as a newbie it really helped me to learn each pose and master my breathing. Cant wait to try out Pilates!Catherine Wagner Veary

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I LOVE the new BodyMindLife! The space and facilities are wonderful! I'm a beginner that's been going to a few sessions with friends who are at an intermediate level, but we were all able to enjoy it. No problems with class size, not too many people and their teachers are so lovely and attentive. I can't wait to try out the new pilates! Margaret Sevenjhazi

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Gourmet216 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills

Boom Bodega! Like a hit in the mouth with a fist full of flavour. Tapas with a South American slant. Big flavours, great combos and awesome vibe. Benny D

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One of my favourites in Sydney. You are guaranteed a great meal at Bodega. The food is a hybrid of Spanish/Argentinean tapas. What ever it is, it is wicked! The anchovies with crackers and the ox tongue milk bun are amazing. The major items change often but you can't go wrong with any of them. This is a great place to go for a date or a group of friends. Whether you're a beer drinking guy or a cocktail loving girl, this super fun, very tasty restaurant will please everyone.Michele Durman

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One of my favourite tapas joint in Sydney for a more intimate meal. Tiny and quaint, it forces you to sit close to your guest(s) and requires you to pay attention to them over the noise of everybody else. It tantalises your tastebuds with different tastes and textures of things like quail eggs, and some ridiculously good tinned anchovies. Just come here for a date. Trust me.andrew nguyen

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Great food & nice atmosphere. The waitresses are very attentive! However, the tapas style dishes are way too pricey! $30 for a small shared platter - C'mon... Dennis Nowak

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Muum Maam

Gourmet1/50 Holt Street, Surry Hills

Good food, good service, and it's fast! I'd happily recommend eating here to anyone.Dacey Walker

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We were a group of ten celebrating a birthday at Muum Maam. 1. The service is excellent. The staff handled our relatively large group with speed, accuracy and friendliness. They also made good recommendations on menu choices, took a few photos for us and also offered a modification to our entrees to make them more suitable for our group size. 2. The kitchen works fast and the food is extremely good. I had the satay chicken sticks as an entree and then the turmeric spatchcock as a main, and I was very impressed. The meat was cooked perfectly, the salad accompanying the spatchcock was delicious in its own right, and the portion size was generous (as was the case for everyone else's meals too). The rest of the menu, from what I could tell, looked creative and there were a lot of dishes on there that I'd come back to try. The meals are a bit more expensive than your average Thai, but that's because they are definitely not your average Thai. 3. The restaurant was lively and there was a great atmosphere in there on a rainy Saturday night. 4. I was extremely impressed with how the restaurant was able to accommodate our group booking. We didn't want to eat from the banquet menu, and I found staff were happy to discuss alternate options with me prior to the booking. They reply to emails quickly and seem to be running a very well organised business. Overall, I can see why this restaurant is rated so highly. Would definitely come back in a group of any size, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a great Surry Hills restaurant. LJ Davis

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Went here with a group of friends last week and really enjoyed the food! Had a great pineapple,raison, prawn fried rice that was served in a pineapple! Atmosphere was great with great lighting! Would recommend making a reservation because although not on Crown St it was packed! Jaime Mistry

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How to go from a 5 star review to a 1 star review in 1 night... 2 August 2014 -> Changed to 1 star -> The Good: The Thai Crab Cakes were delish. The Annoying: Seated at the communal table. I hate these because it's hard to speak to your friends and someone is next to you trying to speak to theirs and it gets too loud. Plus randoms hear what you speak..hate these tables. The bad: I got a Thai Chicken salad. I said no corriander (which there was none) but I said I can't eat chili. She assured me it will be fine. It came out and was full of chilli. It was so much so it was inedible. We told the lady who took it away and...there was no "Im sorry can we make another one", it was nothing lol..I am ok with thai food and small amount is ok but this was really bad. Even my friend who eats chili whole said it was so much! I also know Thai salads have a mountain of chili and so I advise, but this was excessive. I paid for a full meal for 2 forks of small chicken! And for $25 for a salad plate size was not value for money (yes a small salad plate size!). The one star moment - > Not only did we not get a "Im sorry can we make it up or a replacement" but we told the guy behind the register and with attitude said that "Maybe you're friend is not use to Thai food"..um excuse me? Are you serious. My partner is Thai!!! We then said take it off the bill because he was rude. Nope not even that. If you are the Owner, can I tell you about customer service, if something is not right, especially when it is such a small serving for $25, you should try to fix it, but the rudeness of your staff in the end makes people like me never come back. My review below is a 5 star one when I came in March this year. You have now lost a customer for life. UPDATE: Just received an "apology" message - I say that because it was a non-apology - No making up for it or anything - so I will not be back at all. March 2014 -> I rated 5 stars -> Wow what can I say. Firstly the satay sticks were so good. Had the fresh spring rolls which were OK. For main we had pineapple and prawn rice which was delish and the pork belly with Chinese broccoli which were super amazing. Flavours were perfect. Desert was banana fritters and monkey balls which was ice cream with toasted coconut with a sweet coconut sauce. Simply amazing. However one doenfall is No Spicy = Chilli in the food, so you really must advise them that you are allergic to chilli to stop the chilli in the food.Andrew W

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