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Sunny Seoul BBQ

Gourmet3a/95 Mains Road, Sunnybank

Yummy and great value with great service !Ahreum Yi

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There is nothing special about the decor but....The food is great and the service is excellent. I would happily go there again. The food are large servings so talk to them before you order to be on the safe side. The lady was really great is packing out food and we did not have to ask for containners she was the one that mentioned it. So happy with the foodJanette Onorio

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The restaurant is noisy, furnishing old, chairs rickety... But the food is excellent, and great value!!Marius Askildsen

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Been open and close foe a while and have trouble with maintain same taste A Google User

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Domino's Pizza Sunnybank

Gourmet2/581 Beenleigh Road, Sunnybank

After work am damn hungry only its near to my work place so its feed me thanks dominos pizzaRinku Sharma

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Last time I went there they had just changed the sizes (quite some time ago) and they still had the old boxes. You could see the difference in size, which was a BIG difference, even though the price hadn't changed. It was dry and so bad I've never been back.Abispa Ephippium

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Not sure how many times I have submitted my feedback to Dominos regarding this shop but I dont think anyone takes it seriously nor take any action against their service. Some good ones are: 1.they always mix up the orders, if you dont check whats in the box then there is a fair chance you got the wrong pizza. 2. Wrong toppings 3. You pay extra for toppings, its hard to find it on the pizza 4. Most of the times the pizza is burnt 5. Often cold 6. Not ready when it says ready on the screen 7. You dont see any regret on their faces when they mess up your order 8. Misplaces your order Do you still think to get to this store again ???Sid Bhatt

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ONE STAR BECAUSE IT WON'T GIVE ZEROS ! Went there tonight and the service was pathetic here is the story: 1. The cashier got the price wrong by 3 dollars and I had to add it up for him. 2. then the pizzas were late and he wouldn't take payment until it was in his hand so i was left waiting at the counter with the money like an idiot for a few minutes until the order was dispatched. 3. finally got the order and the desert was $4.95 which was a rip off considering it was baby sized. 4. Got home to find the wrong pizza so had to drive back to get the right one. 5 when I got back they patronized me about the order until they found the reciept and realised it was their fault. 6. no apology or anything for mixing up the pizzas. 7. the pizzas were poorly made, i have worked in the industry about 10 years ago and I can tell you the: pizzas were not cut properly, the toppings were uneven and not measured. No way will i go back again !sPEEDY rACER

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