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Marrickville Station



Lazybones Lounge Restaurant & Bar

Gourmet294 Marrickville Road, Marrickville

Super-chill jazz bar with a laid-back, relaxed atmosphere. Lounges you can sit back and relax in whilst having drinks with friends. Always someone different playing and great food and bar with friendly staff. Enjoyable and well worth it.Alex Richards

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It looks a shambles. In the best possible way. If you like a place where sharehouse couches have gone to retire to, where they have a wine selection where everything is the same price, where there is a focus on live music and an almost unique vibe for Sydney, then Ladybones is your place. Really worth checking out with a friend or two. Alistair Erskine

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Lazy Bones is a fabulous night out for anyone who loves live music, a welcoming atmosphere and a genuinely friendly vibe. The décor is eccentric and forever changing. It's a great place to introduce your friends too and kick back & relax with some yummy food and wine. Love it!Die Pest

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THIS PLACE! OMG! There need to be more of this kind in Sydney. It's a very laid-back bar/ club with an older audience and live music 7 nights a week. Expect jazz, reaggy, soul & funk. Loud, but not too much in your face. Perfect music for a little dance. The whole place is full of comfy lounges and with paintings on the wall and other lovely decoration, you just feel like you sit in someone's living room...large living room...! I quite like that the only smoking area is downstairs on the streets as it keeps you in the club for longer (unlike in other pubs where everyone ends up at the courtyard because one person needs to smoke). They have a few beers on tap, not the standard brands but nice tasty (and pricy) beer. Cocktails are a bit more expensive (and so is the beer; e.g. a bottle of Asahi for 8 AUD). The staff is super friendly and if you're lucky, you get table service. They help you carrying your drinks and come around regularly. The pizzas here are nice, although not too big. I love that this place is very easy going - they don't have nasty bouncers, they don't kick you out when you get tired, they are open till late night, the toilets are clean and tidy and everyone seems to be in a good mood. Love it! Janine Sagner

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Marrickville Pork Roll

Gourmet236A Illawarra Road, Sydney

Marrickville Pork Roll does THE best pork roll in Sydney. The pork roll filling contains the usual pate and butter, 2 slices of processed meat, chopped bbq pork, coriander, pickled white radish, pickled carrot, onion, cucumber, shallot, salt and pepper and some kind of sweet and savoury sauce. When this place isn't open my goto is Viet Hoa Bakery, Cabramatta.Michael Ng

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This is a big call and I'm making it - best banh mi in Sydney. The bread is always fresh and crunchy. It comes with an array of crisp salad, pickles and herbs. The differentiator is the spread and secret sauces they pour on top. So much flavour in a humble sandwich. While there is almost always a line out front, it will move very quickly - those ladies are expert banh mi makers.The Mushroom Crusades

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This hole-in-the-wall shop serves hands down THE best pork roll I've had in Sydney. Fresh bread with great pate, the addition of pickled white radish gives that extra flavour boost. If you come here during meal time then be prepared to wait, but it is worth it. Tracy Wang

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Apparently the best pork roll in Sydney? It was certainly fresh and flavourful, but to me, it's not particularly distinguishable from the other roadside options in the CBD. If it's convenient for you, certainly a great feed, but if I were you, I would not bother making a trip out with the sole intention of eating this roll.Cindy Xiong

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Bau Truong Marrickville

Gourmet185 Marrickville Road, Marrickville

Really good Vietnamese. The menu was a little confusing but our waiter was only too happy to recommend some dishes. You won't regret the rice paper rolls Clairey J

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We booked a Saturday night table here for 9 and were well looked after by the team at Bau Troung. The restaurant is a slick Marrickville space on the main road and quite funky with its upmarket furniture and stainless approach. The menu is extensive with a large share plate list as well as multiple main plates to choose from. They are B.Y.O and licensed with a small reasonably priced wine list. We choose to start with share plates for the table and happily munched through rice paper rolls, sugar cane prawns, cassava with pork, sea snails, and glutinous rice cakes. All the starters were flavorsome and came to our table quickly despite the busy environment. Mains were large and filling including their famous Pork hock dish, a hot pot style beef and vegetable dish, caramelized pork belly, and a tasty chili chicken dish. The restaurant is clean and the staff are friendly and attentive. Without desserts our diner came to $50 per person. Bridget Davis ~ The Internet Chef

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A superb restaurant, the only problem being that there are too many menu items to choose from! The garlic and chilli squid, ox tongue (try it, trust me), smoked duck and okra are all a delight. Be sure to let the staff know if you can't handle chilli well, as they don't hold back. The decor is slick and inviting, lovely for an intimate dinner. The prices are not on the cheap side, however, they are not unreasonable as the dishes are clever, delicate and delicious. The restaurant accepts BYO with a $4pp corkage fee, but the wine list also offers a good range.Maddy Butler

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The original Bau Truong is in Cabramatta. This is the third Bau Truong which is opened by son, Michael. Coming from Melbourne, I am used to small, rather run down and laminated tables type Vietnamese restaurant that serves awesome pho and bun cha that I super love. Bau Truong in Marrickville has taken the modern twist and focus more on share dishes. The first dish was a lightly smoked duck dish. It was topped with jewels of pomegranate seeds and accompanied with fresh fruits like green apples, pear, strawberries, kiwi and orange. I kept an open mind and all these fruits actually worked quite well. The fruits gave this dish a refreshing outlook. Another recommended dish is the Vietnamese style beef salad. The beef was very tendered and cooked in lemon juice. The dish was given life by start fruit, red onion, a lashing of mint and coated with a rather strong lemongrass aromatic. See the cracker at the background? We used that as our edible spoon. We love this dish.penny aka jeroxie

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