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Sefton Station



Sefton Medical Centre & Skin Cancer Clinic

Hospital9/151 Wellington Road, Sefton

The procedure went very smoothly. The staff explained what would happen, what we would need to do, and made us feel at ease. It is 10 days since and our son looks fully healed.Andrew Barnes

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Dr Sharier did an excellent job with my baby's circumcision. There was absolutely no distress or pain for my baby, and the procedure was quick; it was exactly what you see in the video on Dr Sharier's website.Luke Farrugia

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Dr Sharier and his supporting medical staff were very helpful and caring. They took their time in explaining the procedure and what we as parents had to do after it to treat it. Did a very good job with my new born son. I highly recommend Dr Sharier.Omar Ach

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Dr. Sharier is very professional and always maintain time whenever i go there. He give enough attention and explain everything. Other stuffs are also very friendly.Prince Ashif Raich

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Gentle Procedures Clinic

Hospital9/151 Wellington Road, Sefton

absoulutly amazing experience with my 3 month old for his circumcision. Dr Sharier was great and procedure was quick and easy and simple everything was explained top to toe. The procedure was pain free for my son! He was back to his normal self the very next day. Thank you Dr Sharie and the most helpful staff who assisted and greeted us! If I ever have a son again will defiantly be back! Highly recommend you guysEbru Celik

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Hi there - if you're a bit older like me (61) and always wanted to be circumcised but couldn't find an understanding, compassionate and highly skilled 'mohel' (circumciser) then Dr Mohammad Sharier is the best in Sydney - if not NSW. His consultation was insightful and the procedure mostly pain-free, and best of all: complete healing in about two weeks. Three months later now, and with some minor adjustments in technique - my penis is back in action. Thanks again Dr Sharier. HelmutHelmut Gensen

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Had my 5week old son Circumcised. Im a first time mum. The information on the website was professional and comprehensive. I booked and my husband and I attended. The procedure was done inside sefton medical centre which is a clean modern building. The staff are friendly and professional and clearly explained the procedure and aftercare requirements. Clear printed instructions with diagrams were provided and emergency contact details (which we didnt need) The Dr was knowledgeable and friendly and treated our little man with utmost care. I was able to breastfeed and comfort him immediately afterward and be with him during the procedure and he was understandably grizzly for the next 24hours But calmed with panadol, feeding and cuddles. I was required to return twice for the Dr to inspect healing. Which went smoothly and as planned. We are very happy with all aspects and very happy to refer this business. We drove an hour to get to the Doctor and im glad we did. Something to consider is the need for 24h after the procedure to check the wound for bleeding every hour. This requires two people: one to hold babies legs and the other to undo the nappy/change etc. So a Saturday appointment might be required to manage this requirement when your back at home.Lauren

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Fantastic experience from start to finish with our 10year old son for circumcision. Dr Sharier was great and procedure was quick and easy. Aftercare and healing was also great. He was back to normal activities by end of week two. Thank you Dr Sharier.Tat E

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The Kebab Shop

Gourmet20/1 Leicester Street, Chester Hill

Honestly my favourite kebab shop. The chicken burgers and beef snack packs are my recommendationarmani idimontay

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ordered 2 beef snackpacks, tonight & literally there was nothing in it that i ordered. WHERE IS MY SAUCE? AND MY CHEESE, AND MY EXTRA LETTUCE WHICH I PAID FOR? SO GREEDY AND THE FOOD WAS COLD!!!! there was about 10 pieces of hot chips and they were stale aswell. ill rather sleep hungry then eat this crap.. never ordering from here againYas A

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  • Sefton Medical Centre & Skin Cancer Clinic
  • Gentle Procedures Clinic

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