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Pinnacle Martial Arts Taekwondo Self Defence Korean Karate Academy

Gym12 Banool Street, Chester Hill

I entered Pinnacle Martial Arts not knowing what to expect as it was my first time participating in a sport. I now anticipate each lesson, despite knowing that the first few will be very hard but also very rewarding. Not only have I grown an appreciation for the sport itself, but I have also developed respect for the instructors. The instructors have been incredibly friendly and welcoming whilst maintaining professionalism. I have only attended a few lessons so far but it is evident that the instructors are passionate in their art and are dedicated in helping each student to reach their potential. Christine Tran

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Pinnacle martial arts was reccomeded to me by a family member . My 3yo son needed improvement with his hand and eye coordination so i decided to go for a trail lesson, he had so much fun he didn't want to leave. I was impressed with the way the instructors conducted themselves . We have been going for a month now and has improved with his coordination, confidence and desipline. The instructors are professional and very good with the kids. im pleased with the results !!! Thank you to all the team at Pinnacle martial arts :)) Lucy Sleiman

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I joined this community under the recommendation of a friend. The moment I entered the centre there were children laughing and having fun. They were younger than me but they had much more experience than I did. This left an impression on me, the children seemed to be having fun but at the same time they were learning a very physically demanding sport. It was clear there was a very welcoming atmosphere. When I had met the instructors not only were they all very friendly, easy to talk to and approachable but they carried themselves, as well as taught us in a way where it was clear without them needing to tell us; they had a lot of experience, knew what they were talking about and were very reliable. I've only had a few lesson now and although it is quite physically demanding, after each lesson I am always eager to go to the next one.Michelle Nguyen

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I loved how my nephews were able to pick up self discipline, taekwondo, respect amongst other things and are now able to defend themselves if needed!!! A big thanks to the great team out there at pinnacle martial arts academy in Chester hill!!! I highly recommend Chester hill pinnacle everyone! Next year my boy will be joining his cousins at this great academy! simon madj

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Gourmet794-796 Woodville Road, Villawood

These guys are so fucking dumb!!! How fuking hard can it be to make a burger!! They always get shit wrongHilal Tenian

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Filthy place with unprofessional and unhygienic workers who care vey little about the quality of food they serve to their customers.Leon Carlo

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I have been here a few times because it's the closest one to my home but almost every time I've been there they get my order wrong or it's cold and they don't like it when you return your item's.Princess Victoria

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  • Pinnacle Martial Arts Taekwondo Self Defence Korean Karate Academy


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