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Carramar Station



Killa Burger Grill

Gourmet70 The Horsley Drive, Carramar

Loved it,,,, thank god they changed the bread to a beter brand, it doesnt break up any more. The taste is also better across the range as well. I hope the shop gets a face lift one day soon it's a bit run down. All in all we loved the food. Boxa !!!!!!!John D

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The shop everything is good. The Ribs are wonderful. Just the toilet sink is terrible, can't wash hands. Or the shop should provide the wet tissues Will come back again but just for take awayManyin Kong

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For a fast good type of good joint, the burgers here seem to taste better, fresher and have a better after taste than the commercial food food gaints (ie. McDonalds, Hungry Jacks). Their fries are also very nice! I'm normally a thin fries type of person, however the wicked fries at Killa Burger though are fatter are crunchy and nice! Their sauces are also complimentary! However "Special Sauce".. Not so special.. Still good though! Carmen Lo

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Here, bigger is better and the novelty 30cm burgers is what makes this place exciting. It'll set you back around $25 but is value for money when you're sharing with friends. There are variety of burgers available and all reasonably priced. For a fast food joint, servings are generous even if you just get a standard sized burger. If you're adventurous, try the Killa challenge - it'll give you a mild heart attack but at least you get your name on the wall of fame.Roslyn da Roza

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Gourmet559 Hume Highway, Carramar

Staff were very helpful but the menu was very overpriced.Andrew Andrews

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I was recently looking for a place to eat out around Chester Hill. I went into the Carramar store and looked at the menu. It is way too expensive for dinner, given most of their food is heat and serve, so you are not really paying for the services of a chef. It is $24.95 just for the salad bar, so if you want to have meat with your meal and a drink you are paying extra. Needless to say I turned around and walked back out of the store, and ended up going to another all you can eat place not that far away, which was $24.50 including all the different types of meat you can think of and complimentary tea/coffee. The last time I went to Sizzlers I went to the St George Store. The soup had plastic in it, which was the corner end of the bag it comes out of. Not impressed.Homer Trix

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too expensive for bad quality food. we were only there for not even half an hour and they were already closing the salad bar. we paid too much for bad quality steaks. the steaks weren't chewy, they were rubbery. the lemonade drink we got didn't even taste like lemonade, it tasted like water. we paid 2.50 extra on top of the already expensive bill we paid and we get shitty drinks. all in all we didn't enjoy anything. everything was too dear for the shitty quality food we got. disgusting.Sharlyne Francisco

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this restaurant has definitely gone down in service and food. The salads are not as nice as before. Everything is over priced. There is not enough variety in the dessert bar as before. I am very disappointed and ill not go back againnatalie burn

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