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Lidcombe Station



Crispy Cluckers

Gourmet20 Joseph Street, Lidcombe

Best fried chicken ever! Good quality. Good price.. and extremely tasty Noor Jwad

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Great hidden spot right beside the station, not hard to find. Quite a great find for such a location between areas of Lidcombe and Strathfield there are plentiful amount of Korean fried chicken, but this one was quite special and interesting in most regards, small cafe with mainly chicken not much variety but there is plenty of zest. Great delicious food, decent price something for individuals or small groups alike.nanching lee

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Simple menu of Korean Fried Chicken done different ways, with soy, without soy, without bones. Chips are crispy and fantastic. Price is a bit steep. Hendy Ongkodjojo

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Really delicious chicken, even if it does cost $30 for a whole deep fried chicken with no sides worth mentioning. This beats the living daylights out of KFC, as it is very crispy and the chicken is very high quality too (free range?). The chili chicken is great too -- highly recommended.M. Rochecouste

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Sizzling Fillo Restaurant & Karaoke Bar

Gourmet36 Railway Street, Lidcombe

Walking into this restuarant felt like walking into the home of a welcoming Filipino family. We went on a night while karaoke was running and it definitely felt like a house party. The food is spot on, with the garlic fried rice being our favourite. Waitress gave great recommendations as it was our first time there. Would not recommend if you're looking for a quiet night.Anthony Phan

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We were fairly happy when we visited the restaurant one late Sunday evening. They close soon after we arrived, but made all our dishes and were friendly. The dishes were really yummy. We were four adults with a boy, after 4 mains, rice and dessert the bill came to about $105 which is reasonable for fine dining. As we weren't sure what to order, we asked the waitress who was helpful with great suggestions. The only "down" we had was that we thought the waitress could visit us more often and check up on us - we were out of water and had to go find someone. Anyway, overall a pleasant experience and we will be coming back again. Also, we don't see any Karaoke facilities. It was a quiet restaurant and fellow diners were enjoying and keeping to themselves. Not sure where is the Karaoke. John Liu

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The pork hock here is extremely crunchy and tasty. Pricing of the food is a bargain, esp for its serving size. Shanshan Lam

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Atithi Indian Restaurant

Gourmet5 Olympic Drive, Lidcombe

Very nice food, good location too..Pranav Shah

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One of the best Indian restaurants in town. vegetarian menu has so many choices not found in every restaurant.Excellent food, very satisfactory customer service. Indian style chinese dishes- love it. Would recommend to anyone. personal favourite: paneer kaju masala, methi chicken and chili panner vinit patel

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Atithi Indian Restaurant is one of the best restaurant that servers varieties of Indian food including delicious Gujarati food. This is located very close to Lidcombe train station and must visit. They have also nice chinese and punjabi food which is very delicious. I recommend to visit this and you will love itNirmal Solanki

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