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Albion Station



Albion Station


You never have to wait longer than 10-12 minutes for a train to or from the city. Every train from every line except the Ipswich and Beenleigh lines pass and stop at Albion Station. I travel from and to here most days, and have never had to wait longer than 8 minutes or so. Now I haven't even brought up the best part yet. Albion is one of the few stations that still has an attendant - even early on the weekend. And the staff are friendly.Christian Maher

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Welcome to albion station. Want to check which platform your train is leaving from? You get to play a game of train lucky dip where you walk 150m down the platform to check one of two lcd screens provided by our fearless translink overlords. Once halfway down the platform you will be able to check the screen which will most likely tell you that you are on the wrong platform. Then its another 150m walk back to the stairs for you. Like some water? Out of luck we dont provide bubblers so you will just have to sit in the sun and watch the concrete instead.Blake Shaw

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Staff member makes sarcastic announcement regarding platform changes "as per signs posted at station entrance" despite the absence of any such notification.Troy Baker

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Annabelles of Albion

Gourmet281 Sandgate Road, Albion

This is beautifull hall with small food outlets.rajinder sood

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Fightcross MMA Albion

Gymu5/10 Hudson Road, Albion

Training at Fightcross Albion is like training with family, you walk in looking forward to classes which are always fun and interactive, and walk out with better knowledge, skills and fitness. It's not just about fitness and fighting, but also learning, improving and socialising. Members are friendly and contribute to the learning experience because they teach you and bring you along with them on their journey. What sets Fightcross apart for me is that they have managed to strike the perfect balance between everyday training for fitness and functionality, as well as training fighters. Coaches base the class contents on the people that are attending, so it's always well tailored to challenge and improve. I have learnt more about my movement and body than I have in 27 years of living and 3-4 years of weightlifting at the gym.Karie Pour

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I decided to try out MMA just for a bit of fun and some exercise. I had heard good things about Fightcross from friends who had trained before but I still looked around on Google to check out other places. I really liked the look of Fightcross from their website, so I called to ask a few questions. The staff were extremely helpful and welcoming and so I decided to come in and try a boxing session, and I am so glad I did. Initially I was still a little hesitant to go to a fight gym. I thought it would be full of really scary, aggressive people who wanted to beat me up, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. All the members make an effort to make you feel a part of them team. As soon as I stepped in the door someone introduced themselves to me.There were even other girls there, which I didn’t expect. Little things like that made me feel comfortable and at ease. The gym is perfect for all skill levels, whether you want to be a competitive MMA fighter or you would just like to take some classes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The gym hosts a number of different competitions so it is easy to get involved if you want to compete. The coaches cater to the needs of each and every student, which leaves you feeling amazing after a session at the gym. They are also incredibly experienced and have the knowledge to allow you to reach your goals, no matter what they are. They even have an awesome shop where you can buy the gear you need without having to drive to the nearest MMA store (which can be a bit of a hike) or wait for online orders. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone, whether you are looking to compete or just to train and meet some awesome new people. Whether you are experienced, or totally clueless like I was.Pagan Blight

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I have just moved to Brisbane from Sydney, and I found Fightcross in Albion. They have been very welcoming, really nice atmosphere, good group of people that train there. The only way is up for this gym and I am excited to be a part of it.Robert Calcraft

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Perfect gym for all levels of training. Smaller class sizes with a good mix of beginner and advanced athletes, which allows for far more personal attention from the coaches. Great team environment where members are encouraged to participate in competitions for all skill levels / team building events. If you can get passed question time with BJJ coach Nic Barker you'll fit right in. Sean Fitzgerald

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Gourmet346 Sandgate Road, Albion

Probably one of the best Thai places in Brisbane. The food is amazing! Also the customer service was great. We ordered way too much food and had to get take away bags, which they topped up the sauces and rice for us when they filled. Very happy with my experienceAdrian Harvison

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This is our favourite Thai restaurant. The pad Thai’s are to die for. Great food, excellent customer service. 5 star + (The free prawn crackers just top it off)Emma Browne

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Great food and customer service. Staff were friendly and lovely.John Paul Smith

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Good and cheap Thai food. Great speedy service. Lots of parking nearby.Rahul Nath

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